Lethal Weapon?

A smart vest worn with straight or wide-legged pants is a chic alternative to the traditional suit for situations that do not actually require a suit.

I think this rule holds true for an explosively whimsical vest, too.
Exploding vest

Projectile vest
With this post, I believe that we are coming to the end of The Directrice’s post-holiday (Christmas 2018!) Japanese avant garde binge.
This vest is Comme des Garcons by way of The RealReal.
After this, we return to the calm rationality and understatement of The Italians . . . by which I mean, Marni.

The vest did not come with pants but fortunately I have a dozen pairs of grey and black trousers to choose from in my closet.
This is a credible match.
Switching location because the grass looks a little patchy after a long winter; the brick and cement have done better

Come closer and take note of the bows ornamenting this vest.
Ordinarily, I think bows can read girlish or saccharine, but these are slightly menacing — which is good.
Don’t they look a little like . . . weapons? Like I might be able to detach and hurl them with lethal force?*
Weaponized vest

Appreciate the depth; winter coat is snug over this vest
Viewed from behind, vest is quite ordinary

I wore this vest to a recent partners’ meeting. In the words of Judge Elihu Smails,** I felt I owed it to them. Except that I wore this patterned blouse (a gift from my mother) instead of a plain white shirt because . . . I owed them that, too.
Keep coming, you want to enter one of these bows

Je regrette rien
The Photographer labeled these photos “Waiter Tory.”
I think this vest would be a disaster in a kitchen/restaurant setting. SInks? SaUCes? OpeN FLameS? CaNdLEs? Non, non.

Important Announcement: Directrice gathering in D.C. on Saturday, May 18th. Details to follow.
Vest: Comme des Garcons from The RealReal; Pants: JCrew; Shoes: Coach; Bag: Barbara Bui
* There is such a weapon! It’s called a shuriken or throwing star.
** How many of you knew Judge Smails and this quote without looking it up? Let it never be said that high and low culture don’t meet on The Directrice.

12 thoughts on “Lethal Weapon?”

  1. The Directrice said to me just before she posted this, “Did you know there’s such a thing as a throwing star?” “Sure I do,” I said. “It’s called a shuriken.” She looked at me, boggled. “How do you know THAT?” I said, “It’s in Neuromancer.”

  2. For some people, gingham is a mystery; for others, throwing stars. (For still others like me, both are.) I bet the weaponized vest looked fierce with the magenta chainmail blouse. I hope your partners appreciate you.

  3. Awesome! (And I don’t think those bows look in the least menacing. Exuberant, yes; menacing, no.) I wish I could see it with that blouse. I hope you got a good round of applause.

  4. With this outfit you could have been one of the assassins going after Inspector Clouseau in the Oktoberfest scene in The Pink Panther Strikes Again!

  5. The comically sinister quote: the incomparable Ted Knight, Caddyshack. (“Comically sinister” could apply to the throwing-star vest, too.)


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