Two Wrongs Make a Right Again


This outfit was intended for a Casual Friday/Free-fall Thursday post, but I am publishing it on a Tuesday because (1) I am running behind and (2) the photos planned for Monday’s post aren’t ready. Indeed, those photos haven’t even been taken yet.
We must work with the material that’s available!
We shall contrive

The postulate becomes a theorem
What better stands for the principle of contriving (contrivance sounds so loaded) than a tiny top layered over a graphic tee?
Two wrongs make a right may be turning into an immutable proposition.

Model contrivance
I tried this top with cropped pants and did not care for the result.
Proportions are everything and this tiny top requires the balance of a full bottom.
By “full bottom” I mean wide-legged pants.

These cropped pants — clam-diggers, I’d say — really don’t work.
Pants look terrible, but I do love the sandals; the pants look just right here

The pants give me height.
I look so wonderfully tall

Come closer and see the top.
You’ve seen it before with a fancy skirt. You’ve also seen the fabric before, too.
My hair, just shy of a haircut, is marching to its own drummer in these photos

To finish things off, a couple of delicate necklaces.
My efforts to find a third necklace to go with these two have, so far, turned up flat. It doesn’t seem like it should be terribly difficult, does it? The layered, delicate, gold necklaces are on-trend.
And yet, I cannot seem to find just the right pendant shape

For now, I am very content with these two: my grandmother’s solitaire pendant and a luscious (some might say, edible) pearl with pave bead.
For now, two’s company

Top: Ganni; Tee shirt and Pants: JCrew; Sandals: Donald J. Pliner; Bag: Orla Kiely; Pearl necklace: Samira 13

7 thoughts on “Two Wrongs Make a Right Again”

  1. The cropped pants — clam diggers — look good in the other photo because their shortening effect is offset by a same/similar color top. Here the dark top needs longer pants for a balanced look. My favorite part of the outfit is the unexpected printed blouse underneath the tank top.

    • You are right, Rhizophora, it was a tank-style top! And you have put your finger on exactly why the clam diggers looked good with the pink and white tops and not with the black.

  2. I don’t believe a third necklace is necessary. You essentially have three pendants on two chains. One more would just get too busy and tangly.

  3. I think the top with the under tee is very pretty and the jewelry is just enough. As for the pants, either works fine. I like the shorter pants because they play off those lovely sandals well. The photographer has done a beautiful job with the natural light as it reflects off the trees and you.


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