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Do you remember when you were little, the fun of a dress-up box? A big piece of the fun is wearing as many things as you can at one time.

I played dress-up this weekend with my jewelry.
Here is the winning effort with pearls.
Note: I told The Photographer that we would only be shooting my head and torso, but you can see just a bit of the track pants that I am wearing with my work shirt and camisole.
I only wear the track pants on the weekend.
This will make for a satisfying pearl clutch

This is what a stir crazy person looks like
Are you wondering what’s going on here? I’m a little stir crazy.
Oh, you mean with the pearls?

I am wearing three strands: a large double strand of imitation ivory pearls; a single strand of champagne colored pearls inherited from my grandmother; and a single strand of iridescent moss green pearls given to me by a friend.
I’ve knotted the champagne strand and the green strand together with a black velvet ribbon.
I looped the green strand through the champagne strand, closed the clasp on each, and brought the clasps together in the front

Except that I didn’t do a good job covering the clasps. Whoops. I could do better.
Nevertheless, isn’t this a welcome eyeful for a Zoom audience?
I mean “for a Zoom meeting.”
It’s a meeting, not a show — and they’re your colleagues, not your fans; OK!

Many months ago, we began a conversation about maximalism in jewelry styling. Perhaps you did not realize that we were having a conversation as intellectual and ponderous as I am now describing. Ellie asked if one could wear a necklace with a brooch (Answer: yes!) and Candidate told us that she has inherited a trove of brooches (so lucky!).
To be honest, these comments were posted months apart and were not directed at one another. But The Directorate is in dialogue, outside space and time. You can join any time because this conversation has no beginning, no middle, and no end.
The “conversation” is happening in block time

So, stepping into conversation,
Look at all the brooches I flang upon myself this weekend!
I’m like a Christmas tree

The Dowager, Don Quixote, and m’ little lizard
I had a number of brooches to choose from, but no two were of the same style. I think, however, that these three relate to one another in an interesting way. And, all have some silver on them, so that’s a unifying element.

A look like this (trio of brooches) might be Even More Effective if there were a theme — rhinestones, cameos, flowers — but I sort of like this combination.
Your thoughts?
You don’t have to say you like it; I won’t be too wounded

For those looking to spend (invest) an hour on this blog, I recommend 2019. I think it was my best year.

10 thoughts on “Piled On”

  1. I love the layered pearl necklaces! I would never have thought to loop 2 different styles together as you have done so elegantly.

    RE: The Brooch Conversation, your creative arrangement is balanced and very interesting. Besides the common silver elements, the virtual outline of their combined shapes aligns with the shape of your shoulder. Very artful and would be riveting on Zoom!

    • It is not a Gaudi lizard, Roberta, though it does have that mosaic look . . . like something from Parc Guell, doesn’t it? It was a gift from a friend (the same friend who gave me Don Quixote) and I wonder if she got it in Australia or southeast Asia where she spent some time during our youths. Now I am curious.

  2. Just got back on line after a three day hassle with my server. Thank you for a breath of fresh air and the fun of playing with jewelry.

  3. And let’s face it, business on the top and a comfy party on the bottom is how we all roll right about now… as I type, I’m wearing a cashmere sweater set with jewelry on top, while sporting yoga pants and slouchy socks on the bottom. Zoom apparel is a dichotomy.

  4. “This is what a stir crazy person looks like” is simply the perfect caption for this moment in time. Thank you for making me smile, and often laugh, with each of your posts! Your Zoom-mates are lucky to have someone as thoughtful as you to enliven their screens. I love the brooch trifecta, it’s a cryptic crossword of jewelry: how does “lizard” relate to Don Quixote? Or is “gecko” the real clue?


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