Denim Dress Altered

I did what you said.

I had this dress altered.
As you may remember, Fatima discovered in a quick consult that the dress had been taken in an inch or so. (Why would someone take a dress in — through the hips, she shrieked — by less than 2 inches total? Why?) Having made the decision to restore the original measurement, it then made sense to have the skirt brought up at the waist so that the dress would fit more like it was shown on the model.
It was a matter of simple logic

Can you even tell?
Can you even tell in these pictures? I am not sure. But, the dress is much more comfortable and I think the length it prettier.

It may be that you can’t tell because the dress is loaded with accessories.
Remember the model. I could be wearing several more accessories, but I capped things at two: the kick-@$$ belt and a brooch.

I’ve had this brooch for almost 20 years, but I don’t wear it often. It’s a distinctive piece. Perhaps if I wore it every day it would become a signature piece. I think I will just aim for more frequent outings, because it is a lovely brooch.
Since I am not a religious person, I feel that I should not wear religious icons for purposes of fashion.* But I think angels may transcend religion, as ludicrous as that may sound.
I think this is O.K.; regardless, it’s happening

Come closer and take a look.
There’s something very reassuring about her.
Someone to watch over me

Dress: Marni from The RealReal; Shoes: JSlides; Belt: Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti; Brooch: Rebecca Collins; Bag: Sophie Hulme
* I have one other piece of religious jewelry, but I don’t think it counts as such: an antique wood bead bracelet adorned with a religious medal. When I wear it, I think of it as a link to someone’s past and a way in which that person lives on with me.

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  1. I can see the difference, and the alteration is an improvement. Of course, while it is an improvement, I don’t mean to suggest there was something obviously all wrong with the first appearance of the dress. Just one of those slight, almost unnoticeable changes, which I think underscores something I’ve learned from this blog: Take the time to make the little changes and the effort will pay off.


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