All Cutting Edges

I have recently come to a startling realization.
To keep generating content at our current pace, I am going to have to show you everything I own. And then every outfit I’ve worn to work. Not just the most interesting stuff and my favorites . . . but all of it. If I do so, this blog will become the 21st Century equivalent of The Diary of William Byrd, and 23rd Century scholars will try to decipher the meaning in the redundancy, triviality, and minutiae.

I think this outfit is informative.
You haven’t seen this striped top for two years.
It's been a while
It’s been a while

Full length front
It’s been too long

When last seen by you, I wore it with a short-sleeved black blouse and cropped wool trousers.
I’ve also worn it with a white blouse and my black workaday suit, but I haven’t shown that to you.

This top is very advanced and I usually deploy it on the more formal side of business casual. But why not wear it with a simple white blouse and khakis?
It looks smart.
Side full length
Formal side of business casual?? What is that?

The lines of this top are so sharp — literally and figuratively. It reminds me of something . . .
Who wore it better?
side 3/4

with jacket
Last seen here, I believe
It’s been unseasonably cool here and so I need a jacket. I have remembered and fallen back in love with my old jean jacket from JCrew.
Seeing my jacket caused The Photographer to do something he almost never does. He expressed a desire to obtain a piece of clothing — a jean jacket of his own. Because he hates looking for and trying on clothes, I know the desire must be very strong.

To put this request in context, when The Photographer requests clothing, it is usually socks.
full length
Jacket inspired envy, greed

with scarf
It’s not just cool. It’s cold. I’ve added a scarf. A thin pinstripe to complement the other stripes. In general, stripes like mixing with stripes.

One last shot. Something has caught my eye in the distance.
A baby! Love babies.
baby in distance
Focused like laser, preparing to wave at baby

Have a great weekend!
Black top: Alexander Wang; Blouse: ASOS; Pants: JCrew Ruffle Chino Pant Chino; Shoes: Taryn Rose;
Bag: Coach; Denim Jacket: JCrew

20 thoughts on “All Cutting Edges”

  1. Dear Directrice – if there is a concern about avoiding repetition of clothing and generating new ideas for content for your fabulous blog I have a suggestion. You have shown us all manner of jewelry, bags, shoes, scarves – even eyewear but what is your position on hats? Do you wear one on hot summer days chicly strolling through the city or to keep warm in the winter? I can only imagine yours must be as interesting at the clothes you wear!

    • I did write a post about winter hats — called Top Hat — last winter, so search for it. And now I will follow your suggestion and put together a hats and sunglasses post for summer! Thank you for this great idea!

  2. Showing every outfit worn to work ? I hope so, if this is representative of the stuff you’ve been holding back. And glad to see the khakis in rotation – the proportions are really good on you.

  3. Stealth! Love the F-117 image!

    I’m a Taryn Rose afficionado, but don’t believe I’ve ever seen these shoes for sale. I love them — do you know the style name?

    • I am so sorry to tell you, Bette, these shoes are very old! They are a good style, though, aren’t they? They cover the perfect amount of the foot necessary to be graceful, but appropriate for a meeting.

  4. To the Amusing Girlfriend – she did hats! I remember it, but cannot tell you where. She even knitted one… I think…. Directrice?

    BTW, this outfit is great – it’s edgy but classic too.

    • She did do an entry on hats! But I think they’re winter hats, if that’s a term I can use. Hats are tricky to photograph because they shade the face, but maybe she’ll do an entry on summer hats. Oh yes, as for my clothing, I hate trying things on so much I’ll put it off for days. I’ve suggested to The Directrice that we do a parody post where she photographs me and I write the entry (“…and I picked this shirt by reaching into the closet and pulling out the first thing I felt.”)

  5. I would be happy to see more repeats / alternative styling of pieces! So many other bloggers wear something once and the garment is never to be seen again (as of course the commissions dwindle once the piece is no longer link-able).

    Maybe I’ve been reading too much Directrice but this top might also work wonders belted over a black sheath or pencil skirt?

    • Thank you, Cat! I am glad that a number of readers have expressed interest in seeing things repeatedly but in different ways. That’s how life is! I buy clothes that I love and I don’t get sick of them. I love the idea of this top over a fitted sheath!

  6. That striped top is perfect for so many occasions when an extra oomph is needed to complete a thoughtful outfit. The addition of reviewing pieces you have worn is perfection itself as shopping our wardrobes for older pieces in new ways demonstrates
    where we all need great ideas like yours. Thanks. Kate

  7. Am I imagining things? I thought I saw responses from our fair blogger to these comments, but they seem to have disappeared!

    • Hi Cat — I posted some responses and they are showing on my monitor. I have had some technical difficulties over the last two weeks, but hopefully they are behind us!

  8. Hello . . . this is so random but I met you at a wedding in October. You gave me your card and I visited your blog, but life intervened and I hadn’t been back for a while. Today, I got a wild hair to track it down (took me a few minutes to remind myself it was “thedirectrice” and the picture that splashed across my screen was you in that fabulous stealth bomber (!) top you were wearing at the pre wedding celebration. To me it’s a sign that I need to visit your blog more frequently. Thanks in advance for bringing more fashion into my humdrum Idaho life! Kathryn

    • Hello Kathryn! It was SUCH a beautiful wedding and so good to meet you. I am very impressed that you were able to call the name of the blog to memory. I feel a little badly that you’ve seen me three times in six months and I was wearing the same thing two of those times . . . but there are many other outfits and ideas in between!

  9. I really love seeing re-wearings and new stylings of previously viewed garments, count my vote for yes, please!


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