The Invisible Woman Suit

The Invisible Woman Suit

Continuing our CLE series, Directrice on Suits — which was largely initiated to prove to you that I do actually own proper suits and occasionally put them on my back — I give you . . . another suit.

You may remember that I said my suits range from slightly dashing to workaday?
This is my workaday suit:

This is the suit I put on when I don’t want my clothes to be noticed, remarked or remembered. That sounds so harsh, but don’t imagine that I am unappreciative; there are times and places where one really just wants to blend in and the workaday suit allows me to do that perfectly. It’s a great suit.
I see no one; therefore, I am unseen
I see no one; therefore, I am unseen
That's the way my cat thinks
That’s how my cat Harper thinks

Of course, I can’t resist tweaking this shirt and suit combination a little. Thusly, you see that I have introduced a third element: what appears to be a black silk shell worn over my white blouse.
I say it appears to be a silk shell . . .
I say it appears to be a silk shell . . .

But it’s so much more; it’s my cape-back blouse!
It's so much more
You didn’t see that coming, did you?

Super Lawyer wears a cape
Super Lawyer wears a cape
So, when the jacket is removed, there is a little something to take in. I’m not saying this outfit takes you from court to clubs — but it’s a little interesting, yes?

At this time of year, I tend to wrap up with a scarf in the mornings. I drove off to a client meeting wearing this linen scarf a week ago and when I arrived at my destination (two hours later) discovered that the scarf had shed on my pristine white blouse and that the tenacious fibers gave the appearance of dirt smudges all over my collar. Lint-roller!
Tenacious linen scarf; a souveneir from a trip to Dingle
Tenacious linen scarf

The lesson here is: keep a tiny lint-roller in your bag. Or, wear a silk scarf with cotton broadcloth.
Here is another scarf. This pea green is actually a better color foil to the grey, but the material is not nearly as cozy.
More placid silk scarf
Diffident silk scarf

In order to get your CLE credit (.000000025 hours), you need to post a comment below.
Suit: JCrew; White blouse: Talbots; Black top: Tibi; Shoes: French Sole New York; Linen scarf: Lisbeth Mulcahy (Dingle); Silk scarf: Ann Taylor; Bag: Coach Gramercy Satchel

P.S. Happy Birthday, Desh!

16 thoughts on “The Invisible Woman Suit”

  1. Thank you Directrice for giving those non-lawyers among us a chance at a little bit of legal education, even if we don’t qualify for a continuing one. I love the idea of just knowing that your outfit is interesting underneath even if it looks traditional from the outside. It probably give you a little edge of confidence all day.

  2. As only a two year resident of the Commonwealth of Virginia I was a bit surprised to find a Summons for Jury Duty in my mailbox last week! Having SERVED on 2 juries previously in California….I think I may opt to wear the ‘invisible woman suit’ this time! Just kidding, I will definitely refer back to your excellent blog in September on ‘Why We Should Dress for Jury Duty’, as I agree with you serving as a juror is a duty and a privilege. LOVE the cape-back blouse!!!!

    • CND: I bet you look like an extremely agreeable person while you are sitting in the jury pool. Perhaps your reputation preceded your arrival in the Commonwealth? Perhaps the Virginia Bar has been waiting for you!

  3. If you are as creative in your legal work as you are with your style, I’d would be your client in a millisecond! Also, I love the way you write, and am always happy to see a new post from you–should consider assembling your posts into a style book: “Professional and Every Day Dressing Ideas with a Twist” ?

    • I am so glad you are enjoying the blog, Elisa. It’s funny; when I try to describe this blog to people I meet socially, I think, “God, this sounds so stupid” — but I actually think that women are interested in professional dressing and that there isn’t as much content for professional women as there should be. Collectively, we’re earning a lot of money!

  4. That is truly an apt title for this suit. I just saw some printed tights with a skirt suit like this and immediately thought “what a great way to add some interest to a boring suit”. Of course, this doesn’t work with pants, but you accomplished the same thing with the cape blouse & the scarf (I do like the silk one better)!! jodie

  5. I love the way your cape blouse provides a nod to the waistcoat of a three piece suit.
    Also, I quite realise that this is not the point of your blog, but I do wish you’d also share what you wear not to work.

  6. If I gain CLE points by this my response, will you kindly contact my Law Society for the credit to my record? I am sorely in need of points this year and as such this very day I am spending my lunch hour in a lecture about an area of law entirely unrelated to my specialty, for the measly point. I would much rather agree here that an invisible suit is a must but it’s my shoes that give me away. I think that as the presiding judicial officer will be none the wiser, I can get away with sometimes fairly quirky footwear, especially with a pants suit such as yours Directrice. I love the silk scarf best with your suit and colouring. Those silky silk scarves can be a little chilling, like cool water, to wear though some days and I agree the linen is more lovely to wear. Hooray for linen!

    • Spent your lunch hour exploring land-use? Division of marital assets? It can be a bit of a scramble toward the end of the year. Good luck!

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