Cape Back Blouse

It’s cold here in Washington, D.C. — but for those flying south and thinking about casual resort wear for work (as well as all of my readers in the Southern Hemisphere) . . .

I saw this black Tibi  “Cape Back” blouse on Shopbop last June and thought it was an interesting design: a high round neckline, almost severe, in the front and then . . . backless.
I don’t really have any place to wear a backless blouse, but I thought it might look good layered over another blouse — like an elegant, stylized apron. So, I am wearing the sleeveless Tibi blouse over a long-sleeved floral print blouse.
A number of d-rings on these blouses are a challenge
The number of d-rings on these blouses — one on each sleeve, one in the back — are a challenge; “d-ring” is not a euphemism

I am wearing silver sandals, but black sandals or flats would clearly coordinate. And I’ve tried it with two bags: blue patent leather for a little contrast and a gray and white bag which blends in.

all set w/ blue bag
Blue with black can be very chic
maybe it looks better with htis bag?
This bag is busier graphically, but nevertheless creates less contrast

check out the details
Large watch
Backless back

Now, you might ask yourself: “What’s the point of a backless blouse?”
Ease of movement!
Hoisting the cat
No animals were harmed in the making of this post

Cape-back blouse: Tibi (2014); Floral blouse: Anthropologie; Blue bag: Coach Poppy tote; Grey and white bag: Coach Borough bag (2014); Sandals: Tory Burch (2014)
Photos: Lauren Ackil

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