Perfect Dress

Every once in awhile, you find something that fits perfectly — right off the rack. Behold the dress that fits perfectly everywhere — length, waist, bust, armholes. As you can see below, it fits perfectly even when I am doubled over laughing. How extraordinary.

Perfect fit
Perfect fit
Doubled over laughing
Work clothes should accomodate laughing . . . or at least having to pick something up from the floor

So . . . What is the correct response when you try on a dress and find that it fits perfectly?
a) Enter feedback loop of rage/regret for all the money spent on alterations over the years, drift out of store empty-handed
b) Buy dress on the spot
c) Buy dress in TWO colors
d) Don’t know
Answer: C is the correct response
Well done, Greed Giant
I am acing this test! But I did write the question . . .

This dress has some lovely details: self-fabric appliqu├ęs at the shoulders, a little draping and soft ruching in the bodice. It could be worn unadorned, but a necklace adds polish.
Eye catching necklace
Something different
Conversation starting necklace
The bald eagle
Conversation stopping necklace

With a sleeveless dress, having a cardigan or soft jacket on hand is a good idea. The trick to wearing a cardigan or jacket with a dress is picking something cropped and fitted, so that the waist of the dress is still visible. Here are two options: a wool-mohair shrug and a black cotton knit jacket.
The shrug was adorned with beads and crystals around the neckline, which I found a little odd. So I removed as many as I could before work one morning (snip snip snip), but I haven’t finished the job. I will.
With a little sweater
Partially denuded shrug

Soft jacket
How do you know your jacket is too small? When you can’t fit a t-shirt under it.
This black jacket is double-breasted with 3/4 sleeves. It’s too small for me, but was the only one of its kind left at the end of the season, so I bought it, figuring that it would stretch as cotton often does. Perversely, it has not stretched a millimeter — but I think it’s ideal for this purpose.

Dresses: Elie Tahari; Boots: Kenneth Cole; Cameo necklace: Leonard Jewels (Sorrento, Italy); Silver pendant necklace: Ann Demeulemeester; Black necklace: Mimimimosa; Shrug: Class Robeto Cavalli; Jacket: Talbots; Bag: Coach Gramercy Satchel (2015)
Photo Credits: Lauren Ackil

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  1. Love the outfit! I remember the day when The Directrice shunned all necklaces. Oh how the times have changed!

    By the way, you should leave the remaining crystals alone (on the shrug, that is). They add interest and asymmetry is always so pleasing.


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