Just Do It (Yourself)

A colleague recently gave me a beautiful necklace of fabric covered beads. She knows that I love vintage textiles, unusual accessories, round things.

The beads were very pretty strung as a single strand (16 inches long), but it occurred to me that if the beads were clustered they might have an even greater visual impact. And none would be hidden from view at the back of my neck.
It was easy as pie to snip the existing cord, re-string them in groups of seven on three strands of . . . dental floss . . . and anchor the new strands to the original findings. I did it in fifteen minutes while sitting on my bed under the reproachful gaze of Mr. Orange.

Impatient woman
A patient woman might have practiced with dental floss — the material I had on hand — and then gone to a bead store to buy a proper stringing material before wearing the necklace in public, but I am not a patient woman.

I didn’t just wear this dental floss necklace to work. I also wore it to a D.C. Bar meeting.
I am in love with this necklace

A nearly irresistible choking hazard; I want to stuff the whole necklace in my mouth

So much to love in this necklace: the vintage prints, the shape of these beads, the marvelous combination of colors. It’s perfect in every respect and especially lovable for its quirky, unstudied perfection. You will see it again this summer.
Today, it’s paired with another unstudied charmer: a pinstriped shirtdress, which fit perfectly, straight off the rack.
Interestingly, this perfect fit is due, in part, to going down one size
Not sure that that is a reliable strategy, but keep it in mind

I think I advised you to buy this JCrew shirt dress several months ago.
I hope you took my advice. It’s very well cut.
Unfortunately, I think it’s sold out now.
Yet another reminder to do as I say when I say; do not tarry

I am not sure if a bow at my waist is overkill when combined with the necklace — but I think it’s O.K. The weight of this fabric is perfect for tying a jaunty bow.
I could not resist

Have a fantastic weekend! Watch Fleabag.
Dress: JCrew; Necklace: A gift, but you can find fabric-covered beads on Etsy; Shoes: JCrew; Bag: Sophie Hulme

12 thoughts on “Just Do It (Yourself)”

  1. What an interesting gift! The beads are marvelous. And as long as the floss is not mint I think you’re good. In re bow: since it’s the same fabric as the rest of the dress I think it’s fine. If you could wrap it around your waist one more time and have a smaller bow or just a knot, that might work too.

  2. The dress would be far less interesting without that bow – it is perfect. And it looks great with the necklace.

    Now, who is Mr. Orange and where are our photos of him?

    • Thank you, rb! Mr. Orange is our handsome, smart, super-brave cat. (One these descriptors is very accurate, one is a stretch, and one is a total fabrication . . . but I will say in his defense that there are all sorts of bravery!) He has appeared here, here, and here.

  3. Fleabag! So great! Although, I have to admit, I was turned off at first. But, being a media whore, I kept at it. So worth it!

    Also, I love the necklace and the dress and them together.

  4. The vintage fabric covered balls are charming, and the employ of dental floss inspired. Worthy of the best Brownie Scouts—who were always far more inventive than their staid older sisters, the Girl Scouts, at least in my neck of the woods.

    I echo rb’s call for photos of Mr. Orange. He peered at me reproachfully from around the corner as I was leaving your soiree last month. Even from that short glimpse of half his furry face and a single glittering eye, I could tell he was a most handsome fellow.

    • I see myself more as a Brownie than Girl Scout, possibly just because I like the name better. Mr. Orange is a handsome, handsome fellow — but not as willing to appear on camera as Harper was. I provided links to his rare appearances in a comment above.

  5. This is fabulous! I do hope the floss was mint flavored so that there’s an intriguing smell wafting around as you walk by.

  6. All looks good, the bow adds a dashing touch. I think the dress would be plain without the bow so am glad you added it. I like the beads and how they Another pragmatic use for floss. Good work!

  7. The next time you go to a sporting goods store you can get some fishing line and try that on your next beading project. Anything that doesn’t compete with the beads would work.


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