Turquoise is one of my favorite stones. While it can be easily overdone, done right it is beautiful, compelling, and chic.
How to tell when turquoise is done right?

I have no bright line test for you, but I think that turquoise is most effective when it is: (1) presented in a manageable portion; (2) is not compromised by excessive precious metal framing; and (3) is set off against a flattering color.
Turquoise done right

These photos look exactly the same
Don’t be ridiculous; they’re very different

Put another way, I think turquoise is most effective when presented alone (as a bead necklace with little or no metal in involved) or in a brooch with a minimalist (ideally prong, or a low-profile bezel) setting.
But that’s just me! You do what you like. Agree? Disagree?
Come in close and take a look at these beautiful beads

Do you remember these beautiful antique beads that I bought at a rock shop in Santa Fe last year? It’s taken 15 months but they are strung — strung for me by our own Missannethrope.
See how beautifully they work with the high-concept CDG top* and fawn colored trousers? A white patent leather bag and open-toed black patent flats complete an early summer look. I don’t usually say this, but I think I look sophisticated. Or, my outfit is sophisticated.
I said come in, not lean in; did you even move your feet?

These beads look like planets, don’t they? That would make me an intergalactic Colossus, who has gathered a little planetary system close for safe-keeping. Or is wearing a prize around her neck, as a warning to all comers.
That’s better, but I think you may want to come even closer

This close? Philo rushes The Photographer
For those wondering, I recommend wearing turquoise with white, tan, khaki (whatever that may be), navy, fatigue green and possibly other greens with blue or brown undertones, and black.
Genevieve Antoine Dariaux, the author of A Guide to Elegance, recommends combining turquoise with diamonds. The thought of this combination intrigues me, and I can imagine that it could be very interesting. A diamond pave bead added to this mix, for instance, might be Very Effective.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh, such pleasure to be had in absorbing these beautiful colors**

Since I am posting this as a Sunday evening boost for anyone who has the Sunday Night Panics or the Sunday Night Blues, don’t forget to read Thursday’s post.
Top: Comme des Garcons from The RealReal; Pants: JCrew; Shoes: Tory Burch; Bag: Ferragamo; Watch: TechnoMarine
Patent bag, foot

* Every few weeks, I scribble out a whole bunch of ideas for future posts. My handwriting has deteriorated over the years and I frequently use shorthand and abbreviations, so I am sometimes puzzled by my own notes. In looking over what I’d written about a potential post featuring these beads, I blurted out, “What does Charles de Gaulle have to do with any of this?”
** You may be relieved to know that even I can see that these beads are an obvious choking hazard. I don’t want to stuff them in my mouth, but looking at them does make me want to touch them and learn all of their secrets.

11 thoughts on “Turquoise!”

    • Surprisingly, it’s not heavy. I can wear this comfortably. The beads are divided between two strands and so, as the physicists reading could explain in great detail, the weight on the back of my neck is distributed. If the overall weight were too heavy, distribution would cease to matter — but this necklace is lighter than a few ropey David Yurman pieces that I own.

  1. Re: Charles de Gaulle, perhaps you were going to do a post on the dos and don’ts of wearing beads with jaunty, military-inspired hats?

    The beads are beautiful!

  2. Those worked out really well. I love the string and the knots. I like the raw finish on the collar of the shirt with the earthy beads. I wouldn’t have thought about a white bag, but it works.

  3. I love this outfit. It’s perfection! Those antique turquoise beads do look like little worlds and they could be studied for hours.
    I also very much appreciate your rules for turquoise and would definitely consider wearing it inside the parameters of the boundaries set forth. Thank you for clearing that up for me!
    My one exception to these rules is the squash blossom necklace. It is a mixture of semi precious metal and turquoise or other stone that has a scholarly following. I admire it for the skill, artistry and history, and statement making presence even though I wouldn’t necessarily wear it.
    From what I can tell, the squash blossom necklace has managed to stay above the semi precious metal and turquoise fray that you may be referring to.


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