An Effective Print Mix

Behold my go-to casual outfit for spring and early summer!

A smocked, floral tank over a striped shirt and khakis. With big, black penny loafers.
This outfit checks all the boxes: comfort, a little shape, a bit of complexity, comfort, and comfort.

What has caught my eye?
Is the title of this post misleading? Do we agree that stripes are a print? Or are stripes more solid than pattern? Here, where the stripes are high-definition but low-contrast (because the stripes are so thin), perhaps they are closer to a solid.
Ah, who cares? You can see in this photo that something has caught my eye. Is it a baby?

No, not a baby. But something equally soft and appealing.
A hippity-hopping rabbit!

This smocked tank is such a great layering piece. It’s done far more than I imagined it could when I bought it.
Perhaps I am investing the tank with more agency than it warrants

You’ve seen the tank before here and here.
The striped tuxedo style shirt is, independently, worth it’s weight in gold, as seen here, here, and here.
You may remember that I had Fatima shorten the front of the blouse by a couple of inches. The back, we left alone.
It is The Directrice who has done more with the tank than I expected

Apparently smocking is very in this summer. Never forget that you saw it here in 2015, 2016, and 2018.
Come closer and take a better look.
Oops! Did you trip? I’ve got you

There; that’s better
Hint: If you buy garments that feature smocking, follow the care instructions to the letter. Smocking that stretches is achieved with elasticized thread; elasticized thread, like any elastic product, does not care for high temperatures.

Do not, however, be afraid. When smocking loses its elasticity, it can be re-smocked — so don’t discard any seemingly worn-out garment without first consulting a seamstress.
Have a fantastic weekend!
Tank: Ganni; Shirt: JCrew; Khakis: Ann Taylor; Shoes: Carlo Pazolini from YOOX

4 thoughts on “An Effective Print Mix”

  1. The smocking makes me recall my childhood dresses. But if the Directrice can wear a smocked blouse, it’s grownup enough for me. As an aside, thanks to the Directrice, I’ve been rocking the tank over long-sleeved look, but still have to try the bustier over blouse combination.

  2. Enjoyed looking back. Lots of entertainment with commentaries from you and your readers. Love the photography and other than Mr MacGregor who doesn’t love a bunny?


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