The Bellhop Returns

More like, the Awesome Bellhop returns!

I can take those bags up to your room for you

Remember this jacket?
Looking fresh in 2019 after a couple years of rest.
It’s not that the jacket has been resting, but rather that your eyes have had a rest from the jacket.

Perhaps you do not see it as a rest, but rather as a deprivation.
Regardless, it’s here now — so feast your eyes.
Despite being an old jacket, there are contemporary lessons to be derived here.
Remember: At Directrice Global Industries, Ltd., we are working on a conceptual level.
Let an old jacket rest

SO what is the concept here?
Help your old clothes to make new friends. When last seen, this jacket was worn over black crew neck sweater. Here . . . why am I describing something that is right there for you to see?
I can’t help m’self; now, I am telling you that I am showing you the jacket worn with a white blouse for contrast

While I do not generally approve of gratuitous buttons — with the exception of my button jar dress — I think these vents and cuffs are very smart
God help me if I ever lose one; the spare is in one of three button jars in the linen closet

Finishing things off, a little whimsy in pink.
A boutonniere!

Have a fantastic weekend!
Jacket: Marc by Marc Jacobs; Blouse: ASOS; Pants: Eileen Fisher; Shoes: Taryn Rose; Brooch: Alexis Bittar; Bag: Kate Spade

10 thoughts on “The Bellhop Returns”

  1. I love this combination; I think it shows off the jacket and its lines and details better than the original black on black combination. The contrast of the white highlights the structure of the jacket and the neckline and open V at the bottom.

  2. I’m glad to see you wearing Eileen Fisher pants as I love her pant designs, especially her lantern pants. Can you show some ways to wear them in one of your posts?
    Thank you and I look forward to your posts.

    • You are most welcome, Elisa. I had to look up “lantern pants” — I wasn’t familiar with the term, but it’s an intriguing silhouette! I’ll have to try a pair on and see how they look on me. The pants featured in my post are just basic wide-legged wool jersey pants. Very versatile. I’ve had this pair at least ten years.

  3. I love this outfit! So crisp without being stuffy. The brooch boutonniere is the perfect touch. Now I need to go through the archives to read what The Directrice has said about brooches . . .


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