The Directrice Endorses The RealReal

Giving you another glimpse into the savvy that has guided me throughout my life, I am offering an unsolicited endorsement of a company that has no idea that my blog exists because I can’t keep my enthusiasm bottled long enough to monetize it. The RealReal!

The RealReal is an on-line luxury consignment site. Like YOOX, it has harnessed the power of the Internet to unite a million random garments strewn across the globe into a common market. Just as DARPA intended.
There are many things to love about The RealReal: the ability to conduct a laser-like search for something you failed to buy last season, the possibility of finding a vintage piece from several seasons back, excellent customer service (as seen in the accuracy of their product descriptions, the timely mailing of products, and the fastidious packaging of them), but the thing I love most of all is . . . drumroll . . . The RealReal provides actual product measurements of each product listed. Not some bull*&%# chart of theoretical measurements, but actual measurements. This takes 90 percent of the guesswork out of shopping.*
Savvy business lady

Over the next month, I will be rolling out a few pre- and post-holiday purchases from The RealReal. Today, we begin with this charming denim top (arguably, a jacket) by Stella McCartney.
Savvy business lady in profile
Perhaps not so savvy, but very lovable!**

I found this while conducting an unsuccessful search for a wool, houndstooth bolero jacket — a topic for another day — and cannot help feel that the search was successful in that it yielded unexpected treasures. What could be cuter than this top (or jacket)?
Things that could be cuter: a baby panda, a kitten, a snowy owl

Wearing the denim top with an old striped jersey
which is very charming itself, with a peplum and elbow patches

You may have noticed that the hem of my jersey was askew in that last photo.
It makes me wonder why Directrice Global Industries Ltd. is spending so much on unpaid interns.
The interns just stood there

New sneaks
The search for the elusive, houndstooth bolero yielded tesoro on YOOX, too, where I found these hypnotic sneakers.

I can’t even tell you what we’re seeing — is the material vinyl? is the image water? — but I love it.
Fun, right?

Regardless, new fun sneakers seems like the right way to start the new year. Best foot forward and all that.
Yes. Fun.

Denim top: Stella McCartney from The RealReal; Striped jersey: Rebecca Taylor; Khakis: Banana Republic; Bag: Tory Burch; Watch: Shinola Birdy; White shoes: The Dainty Sianos from Dr. Martens; Sneakers: Stella McCartney for Adidas from YOOX
* I wonder why more manufacturers do not provide this information to retailers. It’s so helpful. The only other site that provides this type of detail (to the best of my knowledge) is
** I may not be a savvy blogger, but I am a savvy shopper.

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  1. >>The only other site that provides this type of detail (to the best of my knowledge) is

    And ebay, of course! All my favorite sellers on ebay include very specific details, including exact measurements, photos of the actual item, its labels and fabric content, washing instructions, etc.


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