Return to Normalcy

For those who found my ostrich ensemble a gross overreach, we veer back into normalcy today with a cardigan, silk shell, and trousers.

It’s all perfectly normal.
Straight from the Talbots playbook.
Highly normal

What? This is not normal?
O.K. Maybe the cardigan is paranormal.
I did tell you that this striped sweater would be useful. It goes with everything!
I was holding the sweater near some pale pink things in my closet when POP this combination appeared before me: kiwi and lemon plus the technicolor stripe.

If you are finding this stripe mesmerizing just in these photos, imagine what it’s like in person. I could get lost in the pathways of this sweater, a little like the space-time web of Interstellar.
Have you taken note of something unusual? I am wearing white shoes with dark pants in the winter.
I typically wear these shoes during the warmer months, and I wear them sans socks. For the curious, I am wearing dark trouser socks here. Grow, kitten, grow.
Focusing on the middle distance in attempt to keep bearings

This shell is pretty shapeless, so I added a belt to provide a little shape in the event that the waist were to show.
Perhaps this measure was unnecessary, but my mother always told me, “Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.”
Transparent PVC belt may neither add nor detract

Come closer and appreciate the serendipity
Don’t these colors make you want a Granny Smith apple? Or a slice of key lime pie?

Ahhh; made for each other

I recently read that white combat boots — particularly Doc Martens — are “in” this year.
I have not received any credit for this trend, but never forget that it started here, folks, in 2015 with the Dainty Sianos.
Sadly unrecognized genius

How is it that my greatest contribution to the Business Casual Universe is not being credited to me?
Don’t tell me; tell the shoe

Sweater: Marques/Almeida; Shell: Laura Urbinati from YOOX; Pants: JCrew; Shoes: Doc Martens Siano

12 thoughts on “Return to Normalcy”

  1. You inspired me with your white Docs when you first posted about them. I subsequently bought a white pair, not the Sianos because they were unavailable, but the classic 1461 shoe. I loved them so much I expanded my collection and currently own a rainbow glitter pair, a silver pair, white florals, navy florals and have just splashed out on a pair of black sequinned Docs. I wear a pair every day, and always think of the Directrice whenever I wear my white ones. Thank you for your constant inspiration and humour.

  2. I like the combination. I’m not slim enough through the waist to get away with a pants waistband and a belt over a blouse, so I might consider tucking the shirt in, maybe a 1/2 tuck, and unbuttoning the sweater for waist-related interest.


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