The Lighter Side of Dark

In the final days of March, I scramble through my closet picking out things that didn’t get enough wear in the preceding months and try to wear them one last time before packing them away for the summer.

Things like this cunning jacket, which I adore but only wore once or twice this winter.
Although I look self-congratulatory in this photo, I am actually filled with remorse for not making more of this jacket this winter

more outfit
cue APPLAUSE for distinctly different look

You may remember this jacket from last winter? I wore it with a fuschia top (belted with a narrow fuschia belt) and grey wool trousers. Why am I describing this to you when you can just see it for yourself here?
If I may say so, I think this is a distinctly different look.

During the spring, layering is no longer a simple exercise to keep my mind sharp. It becomes an elite sport. Why? Because temperature variability means that you might actually being donning and doffing layers during the day; therefore, all layers must be ready for public viewing.
You want to see what's under this jacket, don't you
You want to see what’s under this jacket, don’t you

This cute top
It’s nothing but this adorable top layered over a t-shirt
I bought this camisole from JCrew years ago and it has served me well. For dressier occasions and on the weekends, I wear it on its own, but it is far too bare for work. A tissue-weight cotton t-shirt underneath does the trick, as would any top made of a lightweight jersey.
Despite the fact that I am wearing a black top and black pants, this look has a certain lightness. Bare arms, a light-colored t-shirt and flats worn without tights/sock create that impression.

A scarf is also smart when the mornings and evenings are crisp.
One more easy way to tie a scarf: This is a simple fold wrapped twice around my neck and tied in a square knot (with very short ends).
One of my mother’s vintage scarves; this may be my very favorite scarf

Carrying it off?
Carrying it off?
Double-breasted jackets confound me. Other people seem to wear them open convincingly. I’m not sure if I am carrying it off.

Come closer to see the smallest details. I don’t usually wear bracelets on my watch wrist, but I do admire the look on other people. See me stretch myself (below left) and try something new.
Bracelets, watch
Grow, kitten, grow
One more way to tie a scarf
This seems very French to me; agree/disagree?

Jacket: Vanessa Bruno; Camisole: JCrew; Striped t-shirt: JCrew; Pants: JCrew; Shoes: Coach Noella flat; Watch: Michele Urban; Bracelets: David Yurman Cable Bangles; Scarf: My mother’s vintage Liberty scarf; Bag: Car Shoe

5 thoughts on “The Lighter Side of Dark”

  1. I love that jacket too and salute you for clever layering. Our Spring in Michigan is nothing more than a tease so layering preserves your dignity when sunshine erodes to hail which becomes snow and then back to 65 degrees at the end of workday. The scarf looks like art and is pretty as a spark of the new season. That method of tying is very right for your smaller stature. Kate

  2. Love the lightweight tee under the camisole. It dates me to travel back to the eighties days of “spaghetti straps” (even then, all good things were food-related), but this is a very cool modern take on a fond fashion memory. Double-breasted jackets always seem like they have to be buttoned up to work, so the casual-slouchy thing loses out, which leaves us casual slouches in the lurch. No double-breasted jackets in my closet. As always, love your writing, and your all-in approach to layering and inventive tailoring is genius. Happy Monday.

  3. I don’t know about the scarf tying style… It has a certain “I was bitten by a vampire” look to me. I love the jacket though. You do interesting details so well.


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