Aunt Baby Battles Hot and Cold Spring

Spring in Washington D.C. has been like spring in many parts of the country this year: volatile. We’ve had (relatively) boiling hot days in the eighties and (relatively) freezing days with daytime temperatures in the forties. We also had serious tornado warning, which caused me to retreat (with Mr. Orange) to the only interior space in our apartment while The Photographer and Philo stood at a window looking for action.

A large scarf around makes me feel warm and safe.

Pictured at right, The Directrice is dressed for the season by color, with layers, long-sleeves, fully enclosed shoes suitable for the temperature.

The scarf, light-colored, is a very fine wool.

We are doing this

Cotton sweater has a crispiness to it

This cotton sweater is lightweight enough to see me into the 70s, should those temperatures be good enough to materialize and stay for awhile.

Despite being 100% cotton, this knit has a surprising amount of structure, so it holds its shape and will, I hope, resist pilling. The space-dyed yarn presents a full spectrum of pink, rose, red, and scarlet — surely one or two goes with my scarf — and is tipped with chartreuse yarn at the wrists and waist. Fun!

I’ll come closer so you can see what I am talking about.

We’ll talk about my sneakers in a minute

For now, focus on the sweater and sunglasses
You’ve seen this scarf before, but it’s been a long time

Allow me to introduce the latest in a line of increasingly eccentric sunglasses acquired from The RealReal. Illesteva may have pioneered this half-and-half frame (half tortoise, half cream/white) ten years ago, but Carolina Herrera made it even better by rotating the dividing line 45 degrees.

The sunglasses are great, but perhaps they make me look like my head is not level?

Tipped wrist and waist, totally level

Note the tipping, in a weirdy green so right for the season. So unexpected and delightful.

New high-tops. MONSTER platform high-tops with killer tread.

Have I buried the lede?
Converse has so many cute colors and styles this year. In addition to standard choices, you can design your own sneakers.

The mind boggles at the possibilities.

In repose, looking good

But now, more is revealed
Even the departing view is a treat

I swear my shadow was bigger than me when we were taking these photos
Sweater: JCrew Space-dyed Crewneck Sweater; Sneakers: Converse Run Star Hike Platform

8 thoughts on “Aunt Baby Battles Hot and Cold Spring”

  1. D, thanks for the link! I spent an hour yesterday afternoon fooling around with Converse sneaker designs using their Edit tool. It’s a bit of option overload, but fun. I’d love to see what you’d create for your own self.

  2. Heading down that Converse rabbit hole myself. So many choices. I think your outfit perfectly captures the many moods of spring!

  3. The sweater is wonderful! I’m such a sucker for space-dye, but the chartreuse pop makes this one even better.


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