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Soon it will be time to put away my beloved boots, but during the shoulder weeks between winter and true spring, they are still appropriate when worn with lighter colors.

Like so.
This is currently my favorite outfit and if it didn’t seem strange, I would wear it every day until April 1. I think the boots need to be put away on March 31.
Favorite outfit
I know I’m not supposed to say this, but I love you more than my other children

Tactile dress; better than play-doh, not quite as good as bubble-wrap
This quilted dress may look familiar; you’ve seen me wearing one before, which was black.
The black dress was found in a D.C. boutique (sadly, now closed) last spring, and prompted me to add the label (Hache) to future searches on YOOX. The very same dress, in my size, popped up on YOOX a few months later in this wonderful color — which I call “cement green.”

The designer cleverly minimized the bulk of the quilted fabric by using a heavy, stretchy jersey for the backside of the dress. My black dress is black/black, but this one is cement green/dark fatigue green. Because the back was not depicted on YOOX, it was a pleasant surprise.
The Directrice as harlequin

I ordered this jacket from Matches in January and loved it when it arrived. But I decided that I didn’t really need it, and offered it to one of my law partners.
How wrong I was. During the brief period while she was considering it, the jacket became everything to me. So we ordered another and now we both have one.
Le's focus
Take a moment to picture two tiny women lawyers wearing matching denim jackets

Artfully frayed edges
Let’s review some of the details.

I remembered to wear a necklace; the complexity of this one works well with the dress and jacket
The Photographer named this set of photos “ball bracelet” — which I guess means that the difference between a necklace and a bracelet is something he has to think about and not something he just knows

Jacket: Marques’Almeida; Dress: Hache; Boots: Donna Piu; Necklace: John Hardy; Watch: Michele; Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs Natasha Crossbody in nylon
The Directrice is shocked, shocked to discover a cat on the table
The Directrice is shocked, shocked to discover a cat on the table

7 thoughts on “My Current Favorite”

  1. A cat on the table! I am disgusted! That is SO gross. (I’m kidding here. My cats practically live on my table tops.) As for the outfit: The jacket is super cute; the necklace is fantastic; and the boots are swell. But the dress … hmm. To me, it looks like a pot holder. It is a beautiful fit and I like the way it looks from the side, and the fab jacket mitigates the pot holder-ness of the fabric, but ultimately, to me, it’s a pot holder. I say cut it up and put it under the cat.

  2. I am thrilled to see this outfit featured as it is the very outfit you were wearing when I spied you on the street last week! (Readers, I neglected to tell The Directrice that I was in town for 24 hours on business and then of course RAN INTO HER on the subway, but Readers, I’m sure you will not be surprised to hear she was very gracious and forgave me.) Anyway, the dress is not pot holdery in person at all, Desh – the texture adds dimension, and the whole “get up” works well. Bravo

  3. Catching up on your lovely posts after a couple of months offline. Many interesting outfits and combinations! Though I have to admit that the necklace does remind me a bit of the charm in Rosemary’s Baby – tannis anyone?

    I envy you the Washington springtime; would you indulge us with a cherryblossom photo?

    • Oh Anne Marie, I have terrible news . . . which was delivered in my year end post (December 2016). This dress came back from the drycleaner horribly shrunken. It is now doll-sized.


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