The Best Jacket

Perhaps if we try to think about dressing for work at home in a more positive mindset, we’ll feel better about it.
Pan-dressing: The Power and the Glory!
I feel better already.

I have said more than once that smart jackets are the foundation of a professional wardrobe. Thus, you will not be surprised to know that I have many. Through the spring and summer, they languished in the closet. But I realized when the weather turned to fall that I should wear them because: (a) they’re warm and (b) they will literally collect dust in the closet if not worn for a year or longer.
But I must admit sweaters are cozier.
I am freezing outdoors for you, Directorate

Now I am acting; I am acting like a non-freezing person
I pulled this remarkable jacket out of the closet and realized that it was all the things at once: sweater, vest, jacket, security blanket. Plus, chic.

You can see in these photos that the back of the jacket is a little longer than the front. I think that is a very flattering cut and, where the sides and back have a little fullness, very feminine.
Do you see what I mean? Tres femme. Is my arm in the way?
There! That’s a bigger, better view

Come a little closer so you can see how this jacket was fabricated.
The vest (a gilet!) is made of a plushy wool flannel with very deep armscyes. The sleeves and sides of the of the jacket are knit.
It’s hard to photograph dark clothes

These photos may better show the contrast between the two textiles. They may also show cat fur.
Do you see it? Never mind the cat fur
How about now?

Historically, I’ve worn this jacket buttoned. It is a single-button jacket and the button is right around my actual waist . . . which I think is a little low. I realized two things when I took this jacket out of the closet last week. First Thing: I need to ask Fatima to make a add a second button and buttonhole, two inches higher. At that height, it would be perfect. Second Thing: I can wear a belt with this jacket and side-step the button issue entirely.
Because I planned to appear on Zoom, I added a brooch.
I love this literal brooch.
The brooch is a pin

Come closer and appreciate this cheeky bit of business.
If a pin could wink, this one would

So delighted was I, to be reunited with this jacket, that I wore it three days in a row. Pan-dressing: A Memoir of Madness? In my rhapsodies, I heard myself say, “Wasn’t I lucky to have the best jacket in the world in my own closet?” which is close to Tootie Smith’s appreciation for having been born in her favorite city.
We were looking for some light entertainment last weekend and watched a film adaptation of Cold Comfort Farm — the version with Kate Beckinsale, Ian McKellan, and Rufus Sewell. It was completely charming. I had forgotten the name of the resident bull: Big Business. I think that will be the name of my next male cat.
If you missed Sunday’s micro-post, take a look now.
Jacket: Hanii Y; Shirt: JCrew; Pants: Talbots: Brooch: Sonia Rykiel from The RealReal

10 thoughts on “The Best Jacket”

  1. Ah, a tonic. What a jacket. I love the jacket. I think I didn’t fully appreciate this jacket when you showed it to us in a previous post. Now, I really, really, really love the jacket. I guess it’s Zoom. Zoom and middle age. Structure is my friend–in all things. (Perhaps I’ll write a blog post about that soon.)

    I missed the mini post and was glad to have a quick and honest laugh this morning.

    Subtext, subtext, subtext….

  2. The chambray shirt with black blazer is so ME, so I’m digging your outfit today! Thanks Directrice! Your blog is a bright spot in my week 🙂

  3. Directrice, I have a question. With so many (glorious) brooches, don’t you worry about holes in your clothing? Is there a trick you use to minimize them? Enquiring minds want to know!

    • You ask an excellent question, mjd. I think a post is in order! But some quick guidelines: (1) Heavier brooches can only be worn with substantial fabrics. (2) The tighter the weave of a fabric, the less tolerant of pin holes it will be. (3) Patterned fabrics will hide a pin hole. A reader has recommended a conversion product called Magnapin which I need to order and test!

  4. _Cold Comfort Farm_ actually managed to bring joy to me and my dad in the horrible weeks after my mom died in ’96. It is a treasure!

    • Best line in the movie, in my opinion. I also think it may also carry a deeper meaning. Not only is there no butter in hell, hell is where there is no butter!


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