Directrice Everdeen

Directrice Everdeen

I will admit a guilty pleasure: I have really enjoyed the Hunger Games movies (the first two). I found them wildly entertaining, as well as well-acted and well-produced. I would not, however, list them among Good Movies for Clothes (see this post) — except that I was struck by a misshapen sweater vest that Katniss wears in the opening scenes of the second film, while she’s hunting furry creatures with a bow and arrow and realizes she no longer has the ability to kill after being forced to participate in the Games. Do you know the vest I mean? Grey, thick, lopsided?

It seems designed to keep her a little warmer, but not actually warm. That seems about right for District 12.
Really, a cross between a sweater vest and an infinity scarf
Really, a cross between a sweater vest and an infinity scarf

When I saw a plausible facsimile on YOOX, I pounced.
Dystopian Directrice
Dystopian Directrice

for work
Why does everyone go berserk for free food at the office? It’s not like any of us are ordinarily missing lunch . . .
Just the thing for work, which is like a watered-down version of The Hunger Games when free sandwiches are available in the kitchen.

Here are my grey flannel pants, adorned with a leather tuxedo stripe.
Stowaway leather stripe which I mistook for satin when shopping without my glasses

You may remember a twisty top that I wore during the summer, Tip-Top? This sweater is by the same label and there are some similarities in the design.

The view from one side
The view from one side
Lopsided cap sleeve
Lopsided cap sleeve
and the other
and the other side

Did that cluster of photos make you dizzy? I think it was too much.

And now the details: a sparkly watch band and a yellow bag to brighten things up.
Little details

Are those details too little? Here, let me help you with our new amazing zoom feature.
BIgger is better in this instance
Disclosure: There is no fancy “zoom feature.” This picture is just bigger.


Sweater: J.W. Anderson; Blouse: Talbots; Pants: JCrew; Shoes: Taryn Rose; Bag: Barbara Bui School’s Out Satchel from YOOX; Watch: Michele Serein 16

And now, a YOOX miracle. I found this Barbara Bui bag on YOOX in 2014 and put it in my “Dream Box.” As I dithered, it sold out — but I left it in my Dream Box and almost one year later, it came back in stock and YOOX notified me. A miracle of the sort that Effie Trinket could appreciate.

7 thoughts on “Directrice Everdeen”

  1. I love this! I’ve been on the lookout for interesting little tops like this to wear over white-collared shirts. Just like a commenter noted for your muppet-fur vest: It keeps the outfit from taking itself too seriously. (I paraphrase here.) Although sadly lacking in fake shag, that floppy cap sleeve is adorable.

    As for the free-food mob . . . really? You too? I thought it was just academia.

    • I added a link above. Good luck! It’s on sale with an extra 20% off, but may sell out because the quantities are limited. I am wearing an XS.

  2. I would like to know your thoughts on the Taryn Rose brand. I haven’t seen her shoes in person to try them on so am unsure of the fit. They don’t seem to come in different widths so I am not sure if they would fit my wide feet.

    • My feet are a B width, but wide and Taryn Rose fit me well. I like Taryn Rose shoes a lot. They are designed by an orthopedic surgeon, and are purportedly designed to support and protect the foot. I think they are very comfortable, but I wouldn’t class them with, say, running shoes in terms of support.

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