Casual Friday: That Last Little Thing

Casual Friday: Nearly as dependable as the sun rising in the mornings and setting in the evenings! Here I am again at week’s end, with no appointments.

My mother gave me this charming printed blouse for my birthday last year.
Charming blouse
Charming blouse from Mother

Somewhere in here
I know it’s in here somewhere
This blouse holds its own on Casual Friday, but there’s chill in the air and so I think I’ll add a scarf. Purely for utilitarian reasons.

My utilitarian scarf.
Actually, it is keeping my neck warm.
Ta da
Scarf wants to be taken seriously, as useful accessory that contributes in meaningful ways

Come closer and see the details.
So beautiful, right? Flowers and butterflies and every shade of pink, from petal to raspberry.
Looks good enough to eat, like those edible flowers on fancy cakes . . . although those flowers don’t really taste good and fondant icing is generally disappointing
My husband is my photographer. To keep all of these digital files organized (at this point, there are zillions), he groups them by outfit and gives them descriptive names. These pictures are called “Gingham Scarf.” Think about that for a minute. My husband sort of knows what gingham is (even, grid-like pattern) — O.K., not bad — but doesn’t know the difference between a blouse and a scarf. Oh no! What must that be like?
Gingham scarf, apparently

If you are interested in this jacket-and-blouse combination in a different color combination, check out this earlier post: Casual Friday: Professorial Tweed.

Jacket: JCrew; Blouse: Talbots; Scarf Tory Burch Kyoto Scarf (try eBay?); Jeans: Lucky Brand; Shoes: Taryn Rose; Bag: Coach Gramercy Satchel

12 thoughts on “Casual Friday: That Last Little Thing”

  1. I love it; I love scarves and that is a pretty one, nice colors. My husband calls everything a woman wears on the bottom a “dress”, every jacket, blouse or other top is a “coat”. He just doesn’t get all the nuances of women’s clothing. But that’s OK.

  2. I’m with Michael; broad brush is my limitation on descriptors. Even though I sew, my fabric recognition in terms of content is poor but my desire for it is limitless. Your pictures are great. I think she knows you are a keeper… Kate

  3. Yes, when it comes to filenames for clothing I just take the first two or three words that come into my head, and the results are entertainingly random. Looking back, I see I’ve used “square-frilly-orange”, “waffle-dress”, “big-white-pockets”, “gorgeous-blue-dress”, “awesome-green-jacket”, “not-intellectual”, “pumpkin-dress”, “crinklyblouse”, and “complex-striped-blouse.” But to the expertise goes the vocabulary. So if you will manage the peplums, viscose, ticking, darts, vents, cady, voile, boucle, broderie anglaise, and Kitten Heels for Everyone, I will manage the 50 and 24mm prime lenses, the white balance and the ISO, the aperture and the bokeh, and enforce the occasional Oxford comma. It will all work out just fine. I love you, dear! Marry me!

    • Oh, you should! He is an extraordinarily gifted writer. His books, Rebuilt and World Wide Mind, are wonderful and a third, which I think will be mind-blowing, is in progress!

  4. Ah, so Michael is saying his descriptor is “gingham [and] scarf.” I cannot argue with a fellow partisan of the Oxford comma. In fact, I wore a gingham shirt and a flowered scarf today, inspired by your post!

    • Hi Sarah — So he suggests . . . now. But it sounds a little like a post hoc rationalization to me. He will readily admit that he has to think hard about the difference between a dress and a skirt!

  5. Directrice, I so enjoy your blog and love today’s stylish turn on an otherwise casual Friday look. I’ve been more timid about pairing patterns and appreciate your pretty results. Very inspiring. I was also inspired to investigate Michael’s books, as you both have demonstrated such a appealing writing styles. Happy to report that I just ordered Rebuilt from Amazon after reading a few sample pages. I can’t wait to settle in for what appears to be a very interesting read. Thanks to you both for sharing your style and wit!

  6. J’adore votre look J’aime voir les dames portant de beaux chemisiers le look entièrement boutonné vous vas très bien


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