Casual Friday: Unworkable Blouse ISO Smock-like Jacket


Sometimes the oddest combinations come together very effectively. Behold the smock-like jacket and beruffled blouse that were matched unexpectedly.
Also made for one another
Made for one another!

Conventional wisdom tells us that we should: (1) shop with clear purposes in mind (I need a black jacket!); and (2) add garments to our wardrobe only when we have satisfied ourselves that they will relate to some arbitrarily-selected number of garments already in our possession (This jacket must go with three other things in my closet!). These rules are, in general, a good idea; if regularly applied, they will prevent the accumulation of a totally incoherent collection of clothes.
But sometimes, the heart simply wants what the heart wants — like this jacket with many pleasing attributes. The fabric is a linen-cotton blend that has enough structure to give the jacket presence without being too stiff. The pleated neckline stands up and away from the neck. Top-stitching in white highlights the construction.
The jacket was too big for me, but not available in a smaller size, so I asked my tailor to narrow it by simply moving the closures (a column of snaps hidden behind the placket) over two inches. A very lazy — but in this case effective and low-cost — alteration.
The jacket
Beloved jacket

Pleats, top-stitching
Despite these virtues, I wasn’t really sure what this jacket should be paired with when I bought it.
Little vents at the hem
Little vents at the hem provide ease when seated

The blouse is harder to explain. I ordered it because I love stripes, but was perplexed when it arrived by its many contradictions. Billowing shape with deep v-neck? Pockets made of a fabric too light to hold anything more than a clean tissue?
Perhaps you can see how I was perplexed and fascinated
Perhaps you can imagine how I was perplexed, then fascinated
But I was charmed by the ruffles on the shoulders and neckline which were too irresistible to let go.
Come closer and see the ruffles
Come closer and see the ruffles

So these two appealing, but somewhat useless, garments were co-habitating in my closet when I had an idea. I love this jacket and I love this blouse, so they should be together! [Warning: This idea sometimes works with clothes, but rarely works when you try to set friends up.]

Ruffling, nestling
Ruffling, nestling

The ruffles fill — really, nestle in — the neckline. And the jacket constrains the billowing of the blouse.
Together 4eva.

Have a fantastic holiday weekend!

Jacket: Alberta Ferretti; Blouse: Rebecca Taylor; Jeans: Lucky Brand; Shoes: French Sole New York; Bag: Coach Poppy Tote; Bracelet: Dina Mackey; Watch: Shinola; Sunglasses: Elizabeth and James

6 thoughts on “Casual Friday: Unworkable Blouse ISO Smock-like Jacket”

  1. I just found your blog and it’s great. I love finding style blogs of real people, but there’s not many around for the over 35 age set. And even fewer with office appropriate styles. For today’s casual Friday outfit, I find it brave to wear bootcut/loose jeans to the office because they seem even more casual than skinny jeans. You make it work though.

  2. Interesting and again it works! You bought the jacket and the blouse separately though your choices are definitely curated with the same aesthetic that shops with you. Things come together when your mind has a consistent theme and solves go-alongs when the same eye looks at the collected pieces. Just thrilled to enjoy the collecting through your eyes. Look so forward to the postings. Kate

  3. This is my new favorite style blog! As a teen I was mesmerized by Molly Ringwald’s clever/quirky “Pretty in Pink” style. Ringwald’s big-screen alter ego taught me that fashion could be adapted to express who I am.

  4. I love what you did with this. I feel like the ‘accessorize and coordinate’ gene skipped a generation in my family. My daughters (now in their 20s) are schooling me, and I’ve branched out a little bit, but you truly have a gift for creatively and beautifully putting together fun, fashionable combinations.

  5. That is such a smart pairing. Am I wrong in thinking that it is a dark taupe? I can easily see this paired with white pants for a chic boat ride.


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