A Labor Day PSA

Oyez, oyez! This honorable court is now in session.
It’s a holiday weekend at the end of a season. I would be remiss if I didn’t spend a few minutes of my weekend working on your behalf. OK. Our behalf.
Note: I didn’t spend more than a few minutes, so don’t try clicking on the photos. I provided a link to the sale page where all of the products are shown together.

Wanted to make sure that you were aware that the following belts — perfect for your accessory prop box — are on sale at JCrew. Forty percent off.
I recommend buying your regular size if you like tucking the excess length in at your waist. But if you prefer a trimmer look, I would go down one size, if not two.
Skinny Calf Hair Belt in sahara brown

Skinny Calf Hair Belt in camel black
Calf Hair Belt in sahara

Patent Leather Skinny Belt
Skinny Metallic Italian Leather Belt

If your prop box is relatively empty, you should buy four of these belts. I would say buy all five, but even I don’t think you need three nearly identical animal print belts. Two of the three would suffice.
Less critical, but possibly more fun, are not-quite-classic sunglasses . . . which are always best purchased on sale. Matches Fashion has these from Kaleos, a rising Barcelona-based brand.
Kaleos Pollitt Acetate Sunglasses in Black
Kaleos Pollitt Acetate Sunglasses in Tortoise

Kaleos Lord Acetate Sunglasses
Kaleos Ferguson Havana Acetate Sunglasses

Have a fantastic weekend! Go see Crazy Rich Asians — it’s cute and you will like the heroine because she’s one of us. She’s an economics professor! Also: It’s a good movie for clothes.

3 thoughts on “A Labor Day PSA”

  1. Hello funny posting about belts. I happened to have just bought a sheer lilac tinted plastic belt with matte black buckle, and a white leather belt with black top stitching and the same matte black buckle. I have only got a few clues about wearing them, and am especially excited about the clear lilac coloured plastic belt. When I decided to buy it in the shop, I actually wondered what the Directrice would do with it. She would wear it and look fabulous is what!

    • She would also probably want to stuff it in her mouth (like a squirrel) because that is her default when she sees something that is intensely delightful! The combination of lilac, PVC, translucence . . . cannot wait to hear what you do with it. I am thinking “white dress” for starters. The white belt can be worn with everything . . . although white dress would be very elegant with that, too.

  2. Directrice, I was also thinking ‘white dress’ with the transparent plastic lilac belt! We have great minds. Stuffing the belt into your mouth, like a squirrel, is a fantastic and hilarious thought! I’ll think of that and enjoy that thought when I wear my belt. Many thanks for the fashion fun!


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