Back in the Pink

Several months ago, a pink floral blouse caught my eye.

Here it is:
Kate Spade In Bloom Chiffon Top
Kate Spade In Bloom Chiffon Top
Pink front
Here it is on me, lightly obscured

I like pink
Weirdy Green is my favorite color, but I have an inexplicable fondness for pink
I liked the color and pattern of the blouse, but not the cut. I realize that for many people — many sensible people — consideration of the blouse would have ended there.
But not for me. For me, it was more of an opening bid. For layering.

You will be relieved to know that my consideration did not include any thought of paying full price.
The blouse went on sale c. Thanksgiving and is now deeply discounted on Gilt. Right here.
Clever jacket
Further proof that good things come to those who wait

My layers are these: a short sleeved sweater over the blouse; a jacket (that looks like two jackets) over the sweater; a scarf tucked inside the sweater.
jacket closwer
One-woman nesting doll

A charming surprise: Geranium-bright lining!
inside ajacker
Just between you and me

Exuberant poppy
When looking at an unfolded scarf, it is sometimes difficult to envision how it will look folded and wrapped around one’s neck. Agree, disagree?
You saw how it looked folded and wrapped around my neck above — but did imagine that this is how the scarf would look unfolded?

And now the reverse engineering . . . walking you part-way back.
I know some of you cannot abide a short sleeved sweater, but I think one or two in the closet is a good idea.
sans jacket
Sans jacket

Sleeveless and short sleeved sweaters are very useful for layering in cold weather.
3/4 sweater
Directrice contemplates her layers, wisdom

I came up with an even better outfit layered upon this blouse/sweater/denim combination. I wore it with my tweedy jacket, an interesting belt, a bigger scarf, and little black wedges. Very smart, I thought — but I was too lazy to put it on for photos.
This jacket and belt
This scarf
This scarf

I’ll be off next Monday, but will post at some point next week. Until then, Merry Christmas to you!
Jacket: Anthropologie; Blouse: Kate Spade New York In Bloom Chiffon Top; Sweater and Jeans: JCrew; Shoes: Cole Haan; Bag: Kate Spade; Tweedy Jacket: JCrew; Little scarf: Coach; Big scarf: Tory Burch

8 thoughts on “Back in the Pink”

  1. I like the little ties from the blouse made into a bow atop the sweater. Merry Christmas to you, thank you for all the joy you have given throughout the year.

  2. Those shoes looked mighty interesting too – wingtips as runners? Tell me more!
    And the pink… I think I may have found my new neutral. Thank you!

  3. The pink colors are so appealing that using it in winter demands the layering but imagine spring with that lovely blouse also. I hope your Christmas is a festive one for you and the photographer. Enjoy! Kate

  4. I totally agree, such gorgeous fabric, but in a cut I would never wear on its own. I love how you’ve made it into a beautiful accent piece. Thanks for the many laughs and of course the fashion wisdom throughout the year. Merry Christmas to all!


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