A Matter of Proportions

The trick in pairing separates (i.e., a jacket and pants) is balance. The more extreme the silhouette, the greater the need for balance.

Consider, if you will, this snug little jacket.
It needs the balance of wide-legged trousers. If I wore this jacket with skinny pants, I’d look like a matador. (Note to self: Halloween 2016.) But with these fluid wool pants, the jacket looks very elegant.
In case you are wondering about where I stand on bull-fighting, I am strongly opposed to it; as a result, The Directrice will not accept any partnership overtures from bull-fighting enterprises or bull-fighters

Swayback mule?
Do you think I was standing up straight for this photo? I hope not . . .
Imagine these pants with a longer, looser jacket.
Oof. I’d be lost inside all that fabric. A short, turtleneck sweater would complement these pants well, too, don’t you think?

This little jacket is a ponte knit.
Ponte knits are a bit of a paradox. They give and they take. They’re both stiff and forgiving. They stretch and hold shapes.
Here, the side seams and sleeves have a slight bias cut (highlighted with columns of buttons) and the structure provided by the fabric allows the jacket to maintain the integrity of that cut.
Buttons at wrists and hips
See the buttons at the wrists and hips

I took stock of my winter clothes over the holidays and planned posts for the next month. I am warning you now that you will be seeing a lot of grey and black because that’s what I saw in my closet.
Do I look too funereal? I can fix that in a jiffy.
Quick fix
Laissez les bon temps rouler

With scarf
The little scarf that could
O.K. I am still wearing black and grey, but let’s give this scarf its due. It’s bright enough to enliven this outfit even though it constitutes only 1% of the surface area covered. That’s disproportionate influence.

Jacket: Marc by Marc Jacobs; Sweater (under jacket): JCrew Cashmere Sleeveless Shell; Pants: Eileen Fisher; Shoes: Taryn Rose; Scarf: Coach; Bag: Coach Borough bag

12 thoughts on “A Matter of Proportions”

  1. Feliz día de Reyes!! (from Andalucía, home of bullfighting, sorry about that). That jacket is a marvel – I love what’s in your wardrobe, and you wear it so well, but couldn’t wear most of it as we’re completely different shapes. However, that jacket would be a yes.

  2. I second Rhizophora’s plea for tucking and tying and scarving! Gorgeous outfit and fun jacket. I’m a big fan of black and grey, since it’s rather color-foolproof, which is good for color fools like me.

    • You’ll all be so disappointed when I post the movie. It will be like that fantastic moment in Singin’ in the Rain, when you first hear Lena Lamont’s voice. But it is on my to-do list.

  3. The purse adds a touch of complementary color as well. The outfit looks great on you. Glad you are not into bullfighting!

  4. Ditto to the scarf tutorial! I tried a few of my scarves yesterday, hoping to emulate your look, and failed miserably.
    Love the jacket. Can we see the blouse under it, please?

  5. The little scarf that could indeed! Such a massive difference n the look, for such a tiny amount of visible colour. Is it in part because it coordinates with your bag, do you think? Or would it lift the outfit just as well, even if you had a “quieter” bag?

    I don’t have any ponte knit in my wardrobe, though I’ve seen so many bloggers who wear striking garments made in that fabric. I’d definitely change that if I came across your jacket though – it has a good cut, and great little details.


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