Black and Blue, Fall Edition

After showing you a brief film of this dress, I thought you might like to see it frozen in a moment on the sidewalk. Why wouldn’t you? Also, I only have so much material for this blog.

One would never guess that I might run out of material for this blog while looking in my closet.
It’s closet-turnaround weekend and I have determined that I need to prune my wardrobe.
The problem is: I like it all.
Prune. My. Wardrobe.

The closet: It tasks me, it heaps me*
I realize that having too many clothes that I like is not a very sympathetic problem. But surely having limited closet space is.

The weather is finally turning in Washington, D.C. and it’s a relief to put on fall clothes.
This dress — a lively navy and black combination — seems appropriate to the season . . . even though I generally associate navy with spring.
A tiny cut-out near the shoulder adds a little extra interest

I realized that I had forgotten to wear some jewelry when we were taking these photos.
Here is Take 2, Option 1.
These Venetian glass beads are luminous against a dark field.
Those who have forgotten the story of this necklace may want to read this post

Come closer and bear witness to the deliciousness of these beads.
The Lord has willed that I have this necklace**

I think of this as a summer necklace; I don’t know why
Take 2, Option 2: In the alternative, I tried a rock quartz necklace — which reads milky, translucent white.

I asked The Photographer if the necklace was laying right and he said yes; hmmmmm
I prefer the Venetian beads, but what do you think?

Back inside, The Directrice is all business. The Photographer always catches the funniest expressions when I am working.
What are you saying to me?
That I will not do
I know, I know

Dress: 3.1 Phillip Lim; Shoes: JCrew; Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs; Venetian beads: Wedding guest; Rock quartz necklace: David Yurman
* The first person to guess the source of this phrase will win a prize from the closet pruning. No using the Internet to run it down.
** You have to read the comments from Be Prepared to understand.

20 thoughts on “Black and Blue, Fall Edition”

    • You are a winner, Laura! Send an email to me care of Harper (see “contact”) on the home page and I shall lay your choice of prizes before you!

  1. I like the Venetian beads with it. The other necklace is great, too, but it is a summer necklace. It makes one think of ice or water, cooling off on a hot summer day.

  2. This dress is definitely NOT a prune. Venetian beads for the win. Feel the outfit needed colour in the bag though: your yellow, perhaps? (Although pink has proved to be a good choice.)

  3. I’m just meh on the necklaces with the dress (I think this is a dress that calls out for major earrings or bracelet but not necklace) but I love the square pink accessory. A lot.

    • These earrings are very beautiful, rb, and would be great with the dress . . . but here is a shocking fact about me: My ears are not pierced!


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