Updating Three Shades of Grey

Happy Valentine’s Day, sweethearts!

We celebrate by looking at an old outfit that I love.
But there is a lesson here, too. I had to replace the white blouse that I originally showed and I decided to try a different pair of pants.
A lesson!

I loved a blouse to death
The lesson is: resilience. Or, how to keep going when your favorite white blouse literally comes apart in your hands.

Repair, replace, repeat. That is the mantra of wardrobe maintenance.
Even when you have a formula that works, it’s worthwhile to tweak it periodically. These grey pinstripe trousers — part of a suit — are a nice substitute from the darker wool flannel that I’ve previously worn.
Enduring love! Undying love!

No difference?
Perhaps you are looking at Three Shades of Grey 2019 and Three Shades of Grey 2015 and seeing no difference?
My point exactly.

Here’s the full suit.
I showed this suit previously with a bright floral blouse and with a black blouse.
Here, it’s Four Shades of Grey.
Pale suit

You’ve seen a similar tricks before here and here
A simple silk shell and sparkly cardigan add depth to the suit and complement both of its greys. The shell’s self-belt is knotted (square knot) so that the ties show beneath the hem of waist of the sweater.

All of these clothes have been in my closet for years, but it only occurred to me recently to combine them.
Am I stupid? or clever?

Buttons are large and transparent, made of some ultra-luxe plastic
Before we part ways, a close-up of the buttons. Somehow these buttons are both striking and self-effacing.
You can also see, in this close-up, the shimmery quality of the yarn used to make this sweater.

Have a terrific weekend!

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  1. I like each of the ensembles very much. I do notice the color difference depending on the indoor or outdoor lighting. Sometimes the clothing looks gray and sometimes it looks brown. No matter to me, it all looks good.


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