A Little Sparkle on Casual Friday

Here we are, embarking on a New Year of Casual Fridays — 49 more of them to go before 2017.

My last Casual post (Sort of Like a PSA) featured an over-sized, somewhat adrogynous jacket — my attempt at mixing it up. But surely you didn’t think I was forsaking the fitted, little jacket? Non, non.
As surely as the sun rises in the east, the Directrice will continue to wear little jackets
As surely as the sun rises in the east, the Directrice will continue to wear little jackets

Reiterating support for the smart, little jacket
I bought this Rebecca Taylor jacket a couple of years ago. I wasn’t wild about the color, but I loved the cut and fit. The color has since grown on me. It’s a very neutral, light brown — more taupe than true brown — which looks good with medium to dark rinse denim.

The details kind of make the jacket: rhinestone buttons and eyelash fringe finishing the seams. And one very smart dressmaker detail: the vent in the back is actually a kick-pleat. Such a clever choice, because it doesn’t pull the way a vent sometimes will with a fitted jacket.
Rhinestone buttons both dress the jacket up and make it more playful; you could replace nondescript buttons on any jacket with sparklers like these

Three quarter sleeves
I like a long sleeve blouse with a 3/4 sleeve jacket
Vent is actually a kickpleat
Clever, clever kick-pleat

Have a fantastic weekend!

Jacket: Rebecca Taylor; Blouse: JCrew; Jeans: Lucky Brand; Shoes: French Sole New York

11 thoughts on “A Little Sparkle on Casual Friday”

    • Like any good photographer, The Photographer has captured my presence, which is in fact 10 feet tall. I do tend to look taller when there is nothing (person, car, garbage can) nearby that might provide scale.

  1. Love that cute little fitted jacket and how it looks with jeans. I am glad you are still wearing your little fitted jackets- I love mine too and think they are a great look.

    And what’s wrong with looking 10 feet tall? The little jackets expose more of our very flattering jeans/legs.

    • I kind of think the shrunken jacket has moved into the canon of wardrobe basics, you know? It’s a good silhouette, and it’s very helpful to the smaller woman, for whom the shrunken jacket may just fit like a regular petite.

  2. That eyelash fringe is terrific! And I like the color on you, especially with those jeans. (You mean you’re NOT 10 feet tall? I feel deceived now.)

    • Let’s focus on my excellent posture and not any particular number. My driver’s license says that I am 5’2″ (because I self-reported that height to the DMV), but the last time that I visited the doctor, I was measured and told that I was 5’3″. It was a total paradigm shift.

  3. The jacket makes me smile – all the details are right. The buttons send it into another category altogether. So pretty, yet almost a military air…


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