A Micro-PSA

I don’t normally post on the weekends, but wanted to bring these two dresses to your attention because they are (a) on sale and (b) available in a range of sizes at present but perhaps not for long.

From Avenue 32, I give you:

I bought this dress for myself, and will feature it in a post in the coming weeks, but am sharing a photo now for the reasons mentioned above.
I will wear mine with black riding boots. I may wear it with a slim fitting black jersey or sheer black blouse underneath. It could also be worn on the level with black heels as cocktail attire in the evening. In any of these scenarios, some interesting pearls or mixed-metal multi-chain necklace would work well.

I would buy this dress but for the fact that it is very like a dress that I already own. If it were mine, I would wear it with a slim black jersey or lightweight wool turtleneck underneath and black boots.

You may now resume your weekend.

3 thoughts on “A Micro-PSA”

  1. Directrice! I am admiring the grey dress (yes, I still spell “grey” like a Brit — that’s how I was raised in the 1970s in New England; I also spell “blonde” with an “e” — but I digress). I am CONFUSED by the size chart. It says “Euro 36 and 38” are still available. But what is “Euro”?? The French 36 and the Italian 36 are several sizes apart! (An American 2 versus 6). Please advise! And if you know this brand, feel free to advise as to which size I might order. It looks like it might run a little short, which would be great for a petite-curvy, such as myself 🙂
    Responding to your PSA with a cry for help!

    • Because it is l’weekend and I happen to be at home working on future posts — it’s like LiveChat! Your question is a good one — Euro sizing is not a thing, as far as I know, so I am not sure what Avenue 32 was trying to convey. Carven is a French brand and therefore I would assume the sizes are French. In my experience, Carven sizing is similar to U.S. brands of comparable cost/style (Tibi, 3.1 Phillip Lim). I wear a size 4 in Carven, unless the style is really oversized, in which case I might wear a 2. The Italians, be advised, have not adopted vanity sizing.

  2. Dear Directrice,
    Such a treat to get an extra post.
    The black silk sleeveless is gorgeous! Eager to see you in it. To me, it’s definitely a party frock. I wish I had the body and a place to go in it. Alas, no more.
    The gray, not so much. The color is dull. Perhaps I’d like it better in a brighter color?
    Enjoy the weekend. I hope you don’t get clobbered by Jonas!


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