A Very Old Cardigan, Part II

Today, we unite two old things that continue to deserve a spot in my closet. Cost per wear for these two is approaching zero . . . which provides balance for some of the impractical delights of my wardrobe. Things like this and this.

Witness my old Eileen Fisher open cardigan (resuscitated with a belt in A Very Old Cardigan, Part I) paired with my old Eileen Fisher bias-cut, raw silk dress.
This dress earns a spot in my closet every day just by virtue of being the perfect weirdy green.
I am fidgeting while The Photographer adjusts his settings

Done fidgeting; all professional now
About a decade ago, Eileen Fisher made this dress — a simple, bias-cut tank dress — in linen and silk, in at least a half dozen shades. It’s such a staple that I think it should be fabricated every year, but no one listens to the voices in my head.

This type of dress is back in this year and I found something very similar from Ganni in an intense orange. An orange too intense to resist.
The midi-length bias cut dress is very liberating in summer

Is this one of my art teacher outfits?
Yes, but never forget that you do not have the artist’s hands; you’re just a lawyer

This belt gets the assist, again. I never imagined it would be so versatile.
I am surprised again by an inanimate object that lacks agency

Still mulling over whether to bring this to Fatima
As you can see, this belt is long and I have tucked the excess length into the strap. It might be better if I had a detachable loop fabricated. I don’t think it even needs to be leather. A black grosgrain ribbon or matte satin (is that a thing?) might work nicely.

Finally, the gladiator sandals — which look like more shoe than many summer sandals.
I think they look like more shoe and if not, too bad

Dress and cardigan: Eileen Fisher; Belt: Fausto Puglisi; Shoes: Donald J. Pliner; Bag: Kate Spade

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  1. I love the quality of Eileen Fisher. I find hers are the pieces I hold onto when cleaning out my closet. I don’t think there’s really anything truly classic, but since her stuff isn’t trendy either, I never think it looks terribly dated.


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