The Return of the Shuriken

You knew this day would come. But perhaps you didn’t expect it so soon.

The return of the throwing stars — the shuriken.
I showed you this vest last year with a plain white shirt. I realized shortly thereafter that it needed more than a white blouse.
Fortunately, I had just the thing in my closet: a printed, graphic shirt.
Note: I recently learned the difference between a shirt and a blouse. A shirt is a collared top that buttons down the front, in the manner of a man’s shirt. A blouse is a top that does not button down the front and may or may not have a collar. Fancy that!
Behold my shirt

Show them the bag?
You know my favorite menswear look is striped suit with striped shirt and striped tie? This outfit is my variation on that theme.
My mother gave me this blouse and another featuring a similar graphic print in fuschia several years ago; I wear them all the time. They look great with a tweed blazer, too.

Wearing the blouse untucked looked sloppy to me, but wearing it fully tucked in (the whole way around) looked a little Fezziwig. So I settled on partially-tucked. It just seemed right, even though I have historically been deeply opposed (in my head) to the half-tuck concept.
Show them the half-tuck?

What do you mean, vehement opposition to . . . half-tuck?
Indeed; if you stand for nothing, what will you fall for?

I was wearing this vest last week and had lunch with a colleague. After we had walked back to the office he asked, “Are those bows on your vest?”
I was a little puzzled by the question, but since he is a good friend felt I could pose a question of my own: “You’ve been sitting across from me for almost an hour. What did you think you were seeing? Did you think my vest had exploded?”
He replied, “I don’t know.”
Exploding vest; pinstripe shrapnel

Vest: Comme des Garcons; Shirt (not blouse): Talbots; Pants: JCrew; Bag and shoes: Coach

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