Just Getting Started

Happy New Year!
Perhaps you will look at these photos and conclude that I have resolved in 2017 to dress more bizarrely.
Non, non. But I am trying to keep things interesting for all of us.

What, exactly, am I wearing?
I am wearing “Top in Three-Dimensional Jacquard” by Marni (pre-SS2016).*
Clearly, I could not make such a thing up. It really happened.  
But how would you explain it to someone who was just visiting this blog?
Happy New Year, doll
Happy New Year, doll

WTF -- full length front
What am I wearing
Explanation No. 1: Safety First!
The Directrice has assuaged her need for safety, her desire to be insulated from harm, her craving for security in a world gone mad, by wearing an oven mitt.
It’s not a bad idea.

Explanation No. 2: The Metamorphosis
When The Directrice woke up one morning from unsettling dreams, she found herself changed into a gigantic insect.

It might happen. There is something vaguely shell-like about this top, wouldn’t you agree?
Overnight, xx-x-x- side view
Perhaps I can be a yellow ladybug?

Explanation No. 3: A New Dress Code
After years of tinkering with the dress code, struggling to stay ahead of dangerous fashion trends, and enforce standards sensibly and equitably, my law firm has adopted a uniform. Everyone will now wear a litigation smock.

Also not a bad idea. The smock would be better if it had pockets for pens and cell phones.
you can see what I mean, right? looking back over shoulder
Welcome to Costco, I love you**

back full length
Should I meddle?
The back is longer than the front. As always, I am wondering if it requires a little adjustment. Should I shorten the back by two inches? To shrink the difference a little?
I had also wondered if I should ask my tailor to make this a little more form-fitting, by contouring the center seam down the back. And then I looked closely at that center seam and realized that it should not be disturbed.

look how perfect
Approach and marvel

Do you see what I saw? You need to come closer.
Do you see the craft?
The pattern has been perfectly matched. Perfectly.

You must come closer
Witness the perfection
It would be quite wrong to meddle with this beautiful work. I shall leave it alone and be happy to look like a yellow ladybug.

The half-bow (rabbit ear) is not ornamental. It actually holds the garment closed.
tie tied
Functional half-bow

Perhaps it’s easier to see if I take you back one step.
Ties being tied

Nope. We need a real Tarantino flash-back.
roll the tape back
Rewind the tape

welcome to cost co. I love you
Happy New Year, dolls!

I am not sure that this top will be taking up permanent residence in Chez Directrice. It’s too heavy to be worn under a jacket and that may be a disqualifying deficit.
Top: Marni Top in Three-Dimensional Jacquard; Shirt: Talbots; Pants: JCrew ; Bag: Coach; Shoes: Lazio Collezione
I love this picture
I love this picture

* I did not pay full price! I bought it from YOOX in December.
** This is a line from a movie. A Directrice mug will go to the first commenter who knows — from memory, not an Internet search — what movie it is.+
+ I have finally have the mugs that I promised last summer. Deborah, Nicky, and Leslie: They are coming!

19 thoughts on “Just Getting Started”

  1. I love the color, but I do think you should discuss with your tailor about some form-fitting adjustments to the back.

    Happy New Year.

  2. Do not shorten! I love how it just covers your rear — very flattering, IMO. And, the tailoring is amazing — don’t risk it!

    I *could* Google the Costco line, but am sticking to the rules. LOL!

  3. The whole point of a fashion blog is to be interesting, daring even! Which you delightfully are. Even better, enhanced by literary references!

    Imho, I wouldn’t shorten the back because it’d be too close to a peplum. That’s my bias though since I think only the emaciated can wear that look without (hyperbole alert) looking like they’re channeling 18th panniers.

  4. Is not to shorten the back. I think doing so would make it look more smock-like – like something children wear to paint in, or like a dental hygienist (albeit a fashion forward one in mustard jacquard).

  5. No no no, you must keep it! As is! The color is fantastic on you, and the shoulder bow is dashing, and you do not look like a bug at all. It’s like that wacky asymmetric dress you got a while back — edgy, a little risky, but in a way that fits well with your established style.

  6. Delightfully silly post, Directrice. I admire the actual, working bow on your insect shell. I really only like functional flourishes. Perhaps they aren’t then flourishes? Who can say?

    I can’t find the ** to which you ** refers, so either I am dull today, or…Well, I’m going to assume I’m dull and there’s a Tarantino line in there that I’ve missed.

    Happy New Year! While I dislike frivolous elements that aren’t part of the function and design in clothing – in life I’m all about the the flourish and the silly.

  7. Yes, I have been looking for the ** too. What a relief that it’s not me!

    What a laugh out loud moment in explanation #1: oven mitt Love your sense of humor.

    And I also agree that the oven mitt shouldn’t be shortened. I think the length in back is just where you want it to be.

    Happy New Year, everyone! (Should I change my name to “Susan 2”?)

  8. The pictures of the garment in question actually make the piece look useful and good. I can see there is no “drape” giving it a body armor feel for you, the wearer, but the color “works” and so does the architectural horizontal line in back. An interesting piece but heavy for you given your fineness. I have only observations and no advice since it looks clever from the pictures. I’d wear it!

  9. I second, third and forth the motion that the back not be shortened. It’s good looking, in an unusual way. I might be tempted to hold the ties at the shoulder with a striking pin or brooch.

  10. I love this top as is. The hem assymetry adds interest and I would not hem the back. As far as the silhouette, though not form fitting, it is very pleasing to the eye and flattering on you. Also the color and texture are magnificent. I do wish it were still available.

    • Ding ding ding! You are correct. You shall receive a mug! You can send your address to me c/o harper *** thedirectrice.com (replace the asterisks with the “at” symbol.) So glad that you have come out of the shadows!

  11. The smock is delightful. The color is spectacular,the pattern is indeed perfect, and length is just as it should be. If you wanted it to be more practical,better fit under a jacket or coat, perhaps some alteration of the length of the tie (bow) element and some clever Velcro attachment would be possible.

  12. Oh I love this smock. I probably would take it up a smidge at the back as it seems to be made for a taller woman, but that’s all. Love the colour, love the fit, love the bow, love all of it.


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