The Directrice Re-Presents: Madcap Dress

The Photographer and I reached our sixth wedding anniversary (Sugar!) last week and took ourselves downtown for dinner this weekend to celebrate.
Once dislodged from my nest, I agreed to take photos on location, too.
I picked a spot that is beautiful, dramatic, and personally meaningful to me.
Beauty, drama, deep roots

Test shot
This photo is probably a more truthful portrait than any of the others: The Directrice clutching a soda from Chipotle
You know how models are always saying in interviews that modeling is hard work?
I don’t know that I believe that.
But I do get thirsty and restless while The Photographer figures out his camera settings and lighting. Therefore I took advantage of the our location to get myself a delicious soda.

You’ve seen this dress before. It’s such a great dress, it needs to be worn as much as possible — agree?
For variety, I am wearing it here with an ultra-lightweight, wool crewneck sweater and low block heels.
I think it would also look good with a lightweight turtleneck.
I don't expect  all of you to read this blog as closely as my mother does
I don’t expect all of you to read this blog as closely as my mother does; it’s OK if you don’t remember this dress

For those who neither remember nor care to look back, I am providing multiple perspectives:
The bad side of my face and the good side of my dress
The bad side of my face and the good side of my dress are sharing a plane
The good side of my face and the less interesting side of my dress
Conversely, the good side of my face and the less interesting side of my dress

Do you know where we are?
It’s another Beaux Arts treasure.
Clues abound!
Clues abound!

This is a rilla big clue
This is a rilla big clue
I passed through Union Station at least twice a day, every day that I was in law school. For those of you who have some familiarity with D.C. and are feeling confused, Georgetown Law is not on the Georgetown University campus. It’s not even in Georgetown. It’s closer to the courts, located at 600 New Jersey Avenue NW.

McKim Mead & White
Thank you, Daniel Burnham

If you live in D.C. and haven’t seen Strangers on a Train, you should. It’s a great film and you’ll get a kick out of the opening scene.
Majestic Union Station
Majestic Union Station; that’s gold leaf overhead

We took a few shots inside, too. It’s an incredibly busy station, but a friendly one — so we received much encouragement and interest from passersby and in turn helped some tourists with their photos.
Myself, illuminated like an angel by skylights and marble
A large camera bestows a certain credibility
After The Photographer's failed attempt to talk his way into this wedding reception
But not enough credibility for The Photographer to talk his way into the wedding reception going on behind me

A micro tip
A micro tip: a silk scarf tucked inside your coat collar is chic
Special Bonus: I have tucked a scarf that harmonizes with my dress into the collar of my trenchcoat.
Dress: 3.1 Phillip Lim; Sweater: Eileen Fisher; Slip: Calvin Klein; Shoes: Tory Burch; Bag: Furla Metropolis; Watch: Michele

12 thoughts on “The Directrice Re-Presents: Madcap Dress”

  1. The whole is pleasing to my eye. Dress is very rich and evocative of the 30’s, nearly eclipsed by how pretty your hair this day. It looks unruly but in the most beautiful way and I would bet the photographer would have said “alluring” way. Love the venue and bet your dinner appt. was fabulous. DC has the greatest restaurants for classic fare or adventurous fare. Kate

  2. The dress is marvelous and should be worn frequently. The train station (such a mundane term) is absolutely grand. Great architectural achievements and beautiful spaces make us want to honor them by wearing lovely clothing.

    • If you look at lists of the most beloved/famous/significant buildings of the 19th and 20th Century, a surprising number are train stations! Perhaps train stations are to the United States what cathedrals are to France and Italy.

  3. I loved that beautiful red glow where they were setting up the wedding and was dying to get in there. The guests hadn’t arrived yet! It was wide open! I was making a beeline for it while The Directrice was tugging at my arm wailing, “No! Noooo!” The Directrice and I have a very different approach to boundaries. I once walked right past Jimmy Carter’s Secret Service guys in a tiny town in rural Wales and stuck out my hand and said hello (this was a few years after he left office.) He was very nice about it. I was 19 at the time. Anyway, the guy at Union Station didn’t let us in, but I got a nice shot anyway. Union Station was marvelous for indoor photography — those floors are perfect for reflecting a flash in a dramatic way. We’ll do it again sometime.

    • There was no wailing. We were both addressing the poor fellow who appeared to be “event security” at the same time, kind of like this:

      Photographer, “This looks really nice, I love those red lights. I’d like to take some photos in there. Can I go in? What’s going on here? It hasn’t started yet so we won’t be in the way . . . ”

      The Directrice (addressing security and Photographer alternately), “What are you doing? You do not have to let him in there; this looks like a very nice event. Baby, come away from there. We’ll go some place else.”

  4. I love the comment about the good side of your face sharing a plane with the less interesting side of the dress, and vice versa. I didn’t realize anyone else but me had a good side of her face!

    Such a great outfit, location, and description!

    • I think the two sides of my face look like different people (possibly cousins), which is a little unnerving, Bette. From the front, I don’t look like two halves of different people stitched together, do I? I know that one ear is higher than the other because I have to get my glasses adjusted to accommodate . . .

  5. Such a lovely way to mark an anniversary! It’s the little micro tips that distinguish the Directice. RE the Jimmy Carter story, I wouldn’t have had the nerve at 19 but would now, it’s good to have different takes on boundaries!

  6. It has been too long since I’ve perused The Directrice’s blog. What a magnificent location to highlight that striking dress! I especially love the accessories you’ve paired with it, including the way the watch face size perfectly complements the lines of your dress.


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