If It’s Monday, This Must Be Casual Friday

As everyone scrambles for that last bit of summer fun, days of the week become a little arbitrary. Therefore, I feel that I am acting not unreasonably in presenting today the outfit I wore last Friday. My true motivation is to share something new while it’s still fresh and available.

You remember that I love white blouses? I’ve been trolling the end-of-season sales looking for new ones and found this one.
White blouse
Another white blouse

Side view
Model and blouse, in profile
Pretty cute, isn’t it?
It’s boxy, but not huge. I like the 3-button placket, the split shirt-tail hem, and the fact that the breast pocket is perfectly proportional and properly placed. It drives me crazy when breast pockets are too small, too large, or too low. Altogether, it’s perfect for layering over a striped tee shirt, a long-sleeved blouse, or another white blouse.

Come a little closer and check out the details.

That's it, don't be afraid
That’s it, don’t be afraid
I am inviting you into my personal space.
I couldn't hurt you if I wanted to; no upper body strength
I couldn’t hurt you if I wanted to; I am very weak

My husband is fascinated by the hood. “Why does it have a hood? Will you wear it up?” I’ve explained that while the hood is functional, it’s not intended to be worn as such. It’s purely a design flourish. My husband finds this very strange.

To make him feel better, here is the hood in use.

The Directrice as St. Sebastian
Gratuitous hood; The Directrice as St. Sebastian

And finally, to finish things off, platform sandals and an old (but beloved) floral-print bag. I’ve had a pair of these platform sandals (successive, but identical pairs) for years. They give me some height and add a little modern, minimalist sophistication to casual outfits.
Big finish!
Big finish!

In case you are wondering if I found any other treasures, I did. And as of Sunday, they were still in stock.
Clu Ruffled Drawstring Shirt; runs large, I ordered an XS
Clu Ruffled Drawstring Shirt; runs large, I ordered an XS

The Lady & The Sailor Short Sleeve Collared Henley
The Lady & The Sailor Short Sleeve Collared Henley

Blouse: Marc by Marc Jacobs Short Sleeve Hooded Top; Striped jersey: JCrew; Pants: Ann Taylor; Sandals: Donald J. Pliner Fifi Leather Thong Platform Sandal; Watch: Michele; Bag: Kate Spade; Sunglasses: Illesteva Marco (unfortunately, no longer available in yellow, which I believe was called blonde)
Looks like this little photo bomber is saying, "Great sandals!"
Looks like this little photo bomber is saying, Great sandals!

4 thoughts on “If It’s Monday, This Must Be Casual Friday”

  1. It’s an altogether great look on you. Seems pulled together with some careful editing so it looks really interesting but not busy. I love that bag and can imagine many things from your wardrobe and my own that would totally need that. Kate

  2. Has anyone tried to decode the not-intended-to-be-worn hood? They really are a random feature. Two of my favorite pieces have hoods and I don’t think I’d like them nearly as well without, though I’ve no idea why.

    • If I may? I’ve thought about this! I think hoods are flattering to the face when they are not worn because they add a layer soft fabric at the neckline (which depending on the garment may fold gracefully or simply lie flat) that frames the face. It’s a little weird, but when you think about it, clerical garments (which often involve white collars and hooded robes) are very flattering.


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