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Last December, I showed you a new floral blouse with jeans and a smart jacket and told you to imagine another jacket and pants combination. I described it with specificity.
I was trying to stimulate your visual imagination; also, I was too lazy to put on a second outfit and take more photos

A year later, I am retreading that ground.
I only have so many things to show you and I can’t afford to throw away any ideas that can be turned into posts.
No more imagination, my little content gobblers; no more throwaway ideas

Important Thought: Tweed is a neutral pattern; it can be paired with any other pattern
Here is one of my reliable outfits for Casual Friday and travel.

The idea of wearing a jacket with a belt (another Important Thought) saved this blazer from the give-away pile. You may remember I had deemed it “too boxy.”
The belt is a non-issue with TSA Pre-Check

And a Hot Tip, to go with the Important Thoughts: A floral with a floral can be very charming.

Why is this? Two reasons. First, flowers are intrinsically appealing. Second, wearing a floral with a floral has an off-hand, bordering on insouciant, feel about it. It doesn’t seem like it should be intentional and therefore seems unintentional. Even though it is very contrived, as proven by this protracted analysis.
A large scarf is extremely useful — for travel, cold offices, and crime sprees.

You may want to refresh your knowledge of the Virtues of Large Scarves with this post.
Have a fantastic weekend!

6 thoughts on “A Word Picture Actualized”

  1. Floral with floral is all very nice, but I find myself distracted by the distractingly chic-yet-comfy-and-practical black wedge-heeled low pumps with the cute twist on the front. Deets on whence they came?

    • I love these shoes, too! I don’t know if you can tell in these photos, but the wedge heel is wrapped in patent leather. They are Taryn Rose from almost 10 years ago. I bought two pairs (identical) at that time and the extra pair has been patiently sitting in my storage closet all this time waiting to be activated.


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