The Cold Is A Type of License

I’ve previously disclosed that I kind of give up when the weather calls for relentless, heavy rain. The same is true of bitter cold.

When it’s really (rilla) cold, you have to cover up with layer upon layer. That is the highest imperative. If can look stylish — and remember, the Michelin Man is French — that’s great, but it’s a secondary consideration.
Under these circumstances, color and decorative details are key because cut and fit . . . cut and fit are a lost cause.
Standards relax during extreme weather
Standards relax during extreme weather; cut and fit are loose to permit multiple thermal layers beneath

Everyone knows this, right?
Plenty of room for air pockets to collect, trap warmth
I showed you this sweater a few weeks ago and predictably bought it for myself during the post-Christmas sales. I am totally charmed by it and have worn it almost non-stop for 72 hours, including one day at the office.

The orange trim cried out for a blue shirt, I thought. This micro stripe is just the right shade of blue: bright, but not electric.
This shirt may require a separate entry. It’s a standard menswear-styled tuxedo blouse. It has darts in the back, but I think they need to be deepened. I also think the front should be two inches shorter than the back and have an idea achieving this: a horizontal seam (to create a bib effect) that I will discuss with Fatima. Regardless, it suits my immediate purposes as it is.
Come closer; we'll share body heat
Come closer; we’ll share body heat

The shirt is charming, will have much utility as soon as it is tightened up a little.
Stop right there and admire my shirt collar
Stop right there and admire my shirt collar

Did you remember this?
Did you remember this?
The best feature of this sweater is on the back. Should I approach people walking backwards and converse with my back to them while looking back over my shoulder? I think so.
Someone previously suggested that I simply turn the sweater around, which I will try the next time that I don it for 72 hours.

Finishing things off: a black and grey Orla Kiely bag and a sporty but feminine watch. The white top-stitching reads sporty to me here.
The details
The details

Some of you have asked me privately how I manage to write this blog and do all of the other things that I appear to be doing in my life: demanding job, marriage, pets. (Note: “Demanding” describes only the job.) My answer is this. First, I don’t do any of these things as well as I’d like. Second, the blog is a my reward, my treat. Perhaps if I show you how blogging looks from my perspective you will understand?
The creative process
She blogs with petits fours and pretty things within reach
Pumpkin to my Seabiscuit
A companion animal is just beyond reach; when I am working, Posy is Pumpkin to my Seabiscuit

A commenter named Amy sent me a link to this necklace a few months ago. I told The Photographer that I wanted it for Christmas. And lo it appeared! It will be the focus of future post.
I love it when readers send me such ideas, which you can do by writing to me c/o Harper.
Am torn between admiring this necklace and wanting to stuff the whole thing in my mouth
Am torn between admiring this necklace and wanting to stuff the whole thing in my mouth

Sweater: Derek Lam 10 Crosby; Blouse: Thomas Mason for JCrew Striped Tuxedo Shirt;
Cords: Talbots; Boots: 8 from YOOX; Bag: Orla Kiely; Watch: Shinola Birdy
I know that I shouldn't be patting a cat on the table, but she looked so cute
I know that I shouldn’t reward a cat for sitting on the table, but she looked so cute

13 thoughts on “The Cold Is A Type of License”

  1. ooo! i am not sure how i will pass the time while waiting for that yummy necklace post! it looks like it is made of exotic corals and sea anemones!

    on the topic of the sweater, while i am sure it is worth a try, i think that wearing it backwards will result in losing the Mullet Surprise Charm Factor.

  2. A charming surprise back closure – but I would expect nothing less from the Directrice. Is it comfortable when driving or sitting in a chair you lean into?

    • It is comfortable, Susan — I wore it on a plane for a long flight and to work. You don’t feel the d-rings or the ties. It’s also made of a very soft merino-cashmere blend.

  3. Just crazy about the sweater outfit including the artful back closure. Some designers just get it right, do they not? You look great in it and that it’s warm is a side benefit. Love that I did not realize it was a necklace. Thought it was marzipan fruit. Lol

    • Isn’t the necklace magical? I feel like I could stare at it all day. The petits fours — beautiful as they are — were quickly consumed. (And yes, I feel like the sweater was an inspired design, Kate.)

  4. Can’t wait to see what outfit you style the necklace around!

    The sweater is cheeky… reminds one of a straight jacket closure a little… but in the nicest way 😉

    • I think it will look best with grey or navy blue. I wouldn’t ordinarily pair pinks with navy, but I have a feeling it will work. I think black would be too heavy. I am happy to take suggestions, Sharla!


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