Succession Planning

Shortly after I showed you photos of my beloved red sandals, the footbed separated from the platform. I told you they were old.

I will take the fiesta sandals to Expert Shoe & Luggage Repair, but I have doubts about how much longer their life can be prolonged. The staff at Expert Shoe are experts, but also realists, and possibly fatalists. Because they are not emotionally attached to the shoes placed upon their counter, they also have no difficulty delivering hard truths.
So sad news, indeed, but this is an important lesson in succession planning for all of us.
My mother always told me to hope for the best, prepare for the worst

I’m surprised that you’re surprised to see this top; did you think I wouldn’t finish this project?
I am prepared for the worst with a new pair of red sandals, which hopefully will also last a dozen years.
The white sole and trim don’t just underscore the black platform. They electrify it.

Leaping Lizards!
The sandals are making me think of comic books.
The red sandals are dead; long live the red sandals

This partially paisley top is a little busy and with the sandals added, there is a lot going on here. So I decided to throw another log on the fire and put on a 4-pocket jacket and tortoise-patterned belt. Paisley and tortoise in small amounts — don’t laugh — sometimes read neutral. You know what I am talking about; the same principle explains why (and how) leopard goes with everything.
More on this top: You wouldn’t think that melon (cantaloupe, not honeydew) would look good with this blazing red paisley . . . but it does. Most surprising.
This pale pink bag — selected only because it was in the front hall when we zipped out to take a few quick pictures — works, too.
Avec safari shirt jacket
Are these things really working or am I in the throes of heatstroke? It is very hot here

My judgment may be impaired
I bought the top because of the paisley border. Even when it’s not 98 degrees there is something hypnotic about this paisley.

Come closer and be mesmerized. And bring a glass of water.
Mesmerizing border
Are you leaning in for a closer look, or collapsing? We’ll share the water

Top: Carven; Pants: JCrew Matchstick Jean in White; Shoes: Aquatalia Wanette Sandals; Bag: Tory Burch York Tote; Bonus Jacket: JCrew Safari Shirt Jacket; Belt: JCrew
Sandals relaxing at home
There is absolutely no point to this photo, except that the sandals look so beautiful against this rug

Coda: Don’t be mad, but I cut the cuffs off these white jeans. I liked the cuffs, but I really wanted a little flare at the hem. Because the pants were tapered to the ankle, the cuff was snug around my calf.

7 thoughts on “Succession Planning”

  1. I love paisley! (Perhaps because I grew up in the 80s.) And those sandals . . . so much fun. It looks like you cut up some new white-sidewall tires and decided to start walking on them.

  2. Love the top but can’t wear paisley — about a decade ago my husband said something about paramecia and it was all over for me.

  3. I’m slowly coming around on the versatility of the khaki jacket. One more post and I’ll have to look for one! Love the sandals.

    • They are not like walking on clouds — which I would demand if I had paid full-price for them! I think they are comfortable, but they aren’t flexible and I believe that an objective wearer would find them rigid.


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