The Go-Anywhere Bustier

Last fall, I showed you — in all seriousness — how to wear a bustier to work as part of a Business Casual outfit. I also promised to show you how I have worn it on Casual Friday and on the weekends. Let it never be said that The Directrice doesn’t honor her promises, even if it takes her a long time to do so.

For those who’ve forgotten, a navy blue suit . . . of sorts.
The suit, liberally interpreted
Suit, liberally interpreted

Here is the same bustier, suited for Casual Friday: a long-sleeved jersey underneath, jeans, and an interesting necklace for fun.
More appropriate or less appropriate for work than the “suit”?

Very feminine
This bustier has a great shape; all of the pleats at the waist create a beautifully defined bell over the hips. So feminine.
Am just realizing that when I actually wore this outfit to work, I wore it with leopard print flats. So . . . take a few seconds to imagine that because I’m not re-taking these pictures.

This multi-strand necklace combines a mix of chains with sparkle and roly-poly trade beads, which I think are the best part.
Lulu Frost necklace
Lulu Frost necklace,previously seen in this post

Hold on! We’re not done. Here’s how I’ve worn this bustier on the weekend, to a party.
With a striped jersey!
But it looks a little bare. It needs a little something.
Let me think . . . think . . .
For l'weekend


The stripes are busy and require something bold to stand out against them. This necklace qualifies.
A floral bag rounds things out — and it’s just big enough for reading glasses (I like to party), tissues (party like a rockstar), money (tips, bribes, bail), and my driver’s license (organ donor).
Party essentials are in the tiny bag

The details will now be shown in detail.
Necklace ties with stain ribbons, which I have worked into a double-bow
Necklace ties with satin ribbons, which I have worked into a double-bow

Bittersweet and navy is a sophisticated color combination
Bittersweet and navy is a sophisticated color combination
The definitional conversation-stopping necklace; see it here
The definitive conversation-stopping necklace; see it here

Have a fantastic weekend!
Bustier: Rebecca Taylor; Tee shirts: JCrew; Jeans: JCrew; Mixed-chain necklace: Lulu Frost; Enormous necklace: Marni; Bag: Tory Burch; Shoes: French Sole New York

5 thoughts on “The Go-Anywhere Bustier”

  1. I just wanted to comment on how much I am enjoying your blog. I have found it maybe 2 months ago, but it is quickly advancing to becoming one of my favorite reads (even though our professional environments are very different, as I am in Academia and thus free to be as fancy, classic, elegant or casual I want for my lectures). I love the tone (you always tell a story), the humor and self-deprecation, the photography, the boldness of your outfits. Your blog really stands out and I appreciate the work you must be putting into curating it so well.

    On a side-note, the “singular, arresting blouse” has arrived, but I will need to return it, alas. I am two inches shorter than you and it swallows me a bit. For the price it needed to be a 10. I love the singularity of it and it definitely looks great on you.
    Side-note 2: Il y a de temps en temps une petite phrase en fran├žais sur votre blog – vous le parlez donc bien?

    • Thank you, Couchette22! A comment like this makes my day. So sorry that the blouse did not work (tant pis), but you are absolutely right that it needs to be a 10. I had 2 inches taken off the back of mine and I think it is now perfect, but as readers pointed out, shortening it any further would destroy the look. You may want to look at this blouse (different features, but still a statement). Addressing your question: No, I do not speak French. Only a few phrases. I studied Spanish for years and can read it (sort of) and comprehend when listening (to someone who speaks slowly).

  2. I have never thought of a bustier as a versatile clothing item. You have shown it to be and charmingly so. Happy Valentines Day to you and the photographer!


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