Fringe Element

Looking back, it’s clear that navy blue has been a touchstone this summer. Why change now?

In general, I don’t wear a lot of colors simultaneously. I often dress, head to toe, in one color. I usually am wearing two. Three is a stretch, and when I do it, two of the three are almost certainly related shades.
But here, proving yet again that I cannot be put in a box, I am wearing four colors.
Let’s count them off: white, navy, yellow, black. Four!
blue top
Four color 3-D printed Directrice

close up
Technically, black is the absence of color and white is the presence of all colors, but still
 You may be saying, “Directrice, white, black, and khaki, even in their infinite shades, are not colors.”
They are to me!
This top from JCrew is not sold or shown with a belt; it has a loose, floaty silhouette — which is highly appropriate for summer casual clothes. No criticism here. I added a belt to dress it up. The linen is soft enough to belt easily, but the cut is full enough to create a bell shape beneath the belt — very charming, I think.

I could have worn this fringed linen top with a navy or black belt and it would have looked very smart. But I thought this marigold yellow would be an invigorating sliver of color.
The graphic floral bag in black and white works well with the blue/black/white/yellow already in play. You might think (theoretically) that the pattern would be too busy, but the round floral provides the right contrast to the color-blocked outfit.
bells out
Invigorated 3-D printed Directrice

Indeed, this whimsical bag is proof that a quirky item can be a stand-by. I use this bag all the time in the summer.
Practicality from an unexpected source

Top: JCrew Linen Tank Top with Fringe; Pants: JCrew; Belt; also JCrew; Shoes: Donald J. Pliner Fifi Sandal; Bag: Kate Spade; Watch: Michele Urban with grosgrain band

8 thoughts on “Fringe Element”

    • I am a big fan of Orla Kiely, AV! Particularly her handbags. Sometimes her clothes veer into a look that is too girlish for me. But check out one of her boss like dresses in this post from last December: The Need for Sleeves.

  1. has the directrice ever waxed eloquent on the topic of Belts??? i find that i am much enamoured of her collection of cinching tools, and have started to notice the distinct lack of direction in my own belt options. a post giving more insight would be much appreciated.

      • i should have known that the directrice would not have had such a ghastly oversight. thanks for the post link. i believe i am more of a wide belt person than a skinny belter. but the principle remains. and your thoughts on brooches and other finishing items are much appreciated.

  2. I liked the top in red in your last post and here it is in navy today!

    I bought a soft blazer in navy with white buttons this past weekend – all due to you and your very convincing ways. Navy looks sharp and “dressed-up” and I’m really digging it with the white pants too.


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