Transitioning to Spring Again

We are heading into transition weather in Washington D.C.
Time to remind myself of previous advice!

The general principles that I have previously published are these:
When the weather does not match the date on the calendar, dress for the weather, BUT use color or fabric to align yourself with the date.*
For those of you scratching your heads, here is an illustration.
Technically a photo, not an illustration . . . but a photo that illustrates my point

All this black works for March, but in April I will transition with lighter colors
It’s March. We’ve had days approaching 70 degrees and days in the 40s. And nights in the 30s.
So, dark colors still make sense, as do long sleeves, but some days call for lighter weight fabrics. Here, I am wearing a cotton voile tank over a cotton voile blouse with corduroys. The black cords will probably be put away on April 1.

This jaunty top is so summery
It could help a snowsuit transition to spring

You may have noticed that I am wearing three shades of black?
It works!
Some might say it works better than three pieces in the exact same shade . . .

but we have no way of testing that supposition

A final word regarding unpredictable spring weather: It’s better to be toasty than seasonally-forward (or even seasonally-appropriate) in March.
I like winter, but I don’t like being cold.
Have a fantastic weekend!
Almost too many charming details: tiny collar, pintucking, smocking

Tank: Ganni; Blouse: Vanessa Bruno Athe; Pants: Talbots; Shoes: Coach; Bag: Sophie Hulme; Sunglasses: RetroSuperFuture
* Let’s see whether my advice has been consistent over the years. Here’s what I said in 2015, 2016, and 2018.

3 thoughts on “Transitioning to Spring Again”

  1. It’s entering into the “I wish nylon stockings were a thing” time again. I’ve seen several women in skirts/dresses with very white bare legs. I’ve seen knee high boots with bare legs. My personal rule is no bare legs until the temperature is a sure thing to top 70.
    The black opaque tights that were so acceptable in January look hot in March/April, but bare legs look cold.
    What’s a skirt/dress wearing girl to do?

  2. Back from a dive into the Key Set. I am so happy to have found this blog! Not just for the (super entertaining) words and pictures, but because it’s been unexpectedly healing to the wallet: It’s inspiring to see how long you’ve had some pieces and how often and happily you wear them. Made me soften my gaze toward some of my own old standbys. I brought a couple shapeless cardigans back from the dead, using – you might want to sit down – belts. Somehow never got around to trying that look until now.

    This specific look is one I’ve tried, but not for a long time- I would “creatively interpret” my school dress code’s allowance of solid color knits to be worn over our collared shirts to include shapes like this. Pulled it off!


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