Blue and White Stripes, Part I

It’s mid-March and time to think about Spring. What’s springier than blue and white?

Or, very little. Navy and white is the quintessential spring pairing, isn’t it?
Here, we honor the approaching equinox with a twist: french blue, white, & black.
Honor the seasons

I am not sure about this jacket. I bought it so as to have a fitted but casual black cotton jacket in my arsenal, but I wonder if the open neckline isn’t too much for my frame. Too much for anyone’s frame.
Jacket may have been a mistake
But we won’t know, for certain, until it’s all over, will we?

For those who have been wishing that you could absorb the teachings of The Directrice in more than one medium, this is your lucky day.
I was interviewed by Kathryn Rubino of Above the Law and the podcast is available here. In terms of personal achievements and life goals, this ranks just below the time that my apartment was featured on Apartment Therapy.*
Jacket looks cute here

And here
But is it too bulky? fussy?

The one thing that I failed to convey during this interview is how much all of you, dear readers, mean to me.**
Let’s focus on this neckline

You’re such an accomplished, intelligent, contemplative, and funny group of women and I am so honored that you find it worth your time (admittedly two minutes, twice a week) to read this blog. Your comments are my compensation and I appreciate all of them. And pine for more!
So thank you for reading, thank you for commenting, and thank you for recommending this blog to your friends.
No! Really focus on neckline

Jacket: Marissa Webb (now available on Yoox and The Outnet — but I got mine for a lot less during the Marissa Webb warehouse sale . . . so I would wait for price to drop substantially); Blouse: Vanessa Bruno; Pants: JCrew Campbell capris; Shoes: Tory Burch; Bag: Orla Kiely
One-eared bow

* I am not joking. If I am ever invited to go some place as The Directrice, my happiness will be complete. This would include being asked to judge a cat show in Timonium, MD.
** To be clear, it’s not like I was asked, “Do you care about your readers?” and I said, “Absolutely not!” and am now trying to walk that back. But I had planned to talk about YOU (to describe your varied professions, creativity, humor, etc.) and Michelle Obama and then failed to direct the conversation in either of those directions. (They do say that lawyers are terrible deposition witnesses.) I did manage to thank The Photographer for all of his encouragement and support; had I whiffed on that point, I would have asked ATL for a do-over.

20 thoughts on “Blue and White Stripes, Part I”

  1. De-lurking to say that I really enjoyed the interview – so lovely to add a voice to my mental image of you. I rarely comment but read every post.
    The jacket is elegant from the back but I am less sure about the front. I would prefer it without the epaulets, definitely.

  2. Hi! Think it´s a lovely jacket, but I have some issues with it. Totally agree on the apaulets, they look out of place here. And it looks cold: one of the reasons to wear a jacket for me is to keep my shoulders warm.

  3. Quite like the jacket (though sort of agree with folks above about the epaulets), but I wonder if it will work better as a kind of substantial top/blazer than as outerwear

  4. Aw, heck, Directrice! I can’t believe I didn’t get a personal thank you on your podcast interview.
    Kidding. Kidding. I’m looking forward to listening while I walk the dog later.
    Jacket–I like it, but I’m in agreement about losing the epaulets. I don’t like extras that don’t have a purpose. I also immediately thought about feeling chilly with all the neck and chest exposure, but if I think of it as a third piece, rather than as outerwear, I find it charming. And also weird. Which is how I think of your style.

  5. When I say “weird”, I mean it in a good way–unexpected and unusual. After pushing “post comment” and going to walk my dog, I worried you and others would take offense.

    Great podcast interview!

  6. I like the neckline, especially with the neckline of the blouse beneath. I think it would be fun with a big frothy scarf floating around your neck and shoulders

  7. I love this look! The jacket is great and looks so good with the stripes it’s hard to picture it with anything else. I just started reading your blog and in the space of just a few days have done an embarrassing (maybe impressive?) dive into the archives. Everything is inspiring; not everything is something I’d wear. But this I’d copy wholesale and hope I don’t know any other Directrice readers.

    • Welcome, Maple! I hope you did not make yourself sick with over-reading of the blog last weekend — it can happen when the minutes turn into hours. If you didn’t stumble across “The Key Set” you should search for it — I think those four posts provide a visual summary of the archives. I am particularly delighted that you are enjoying the posts even though not everything is something you would wear. As you have probably gathered (and as I explain on the About this Blog page), this blog is conceptual rather than prescriptive. I hope to entertain regularly, teach a little, and certainly share an enjoyment of clothes with like-minded women. So glad you’ve joined us!

  8. I like the neckline! And the back is giving me jaunty sailor vibes. That said, I have the feeling all of my typical purses would sit inside the collar of this jacket, and therefore valiantly try to wriggle it off my shoulder as I moved around, but a crossbody would ruin the line… #firstworldproblems

  9. And that blouse suits the jacket, but would another blouse suffice? I don’t know. I like it – especially the knotted belt. And the pants – so stinkin’ cute.

  10. Congrats on the interview and I look forward to listening! And I wanted to say that I so enjoy reading here and if I were to put on a cat show you would be a top pick for celebrity judge! 🙂

  11. The jacket and blouse are charming! I love the neckline, but I agree the weather would have to be perfect to wear this adorable duo.


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