Casual Friday: Layered Jacket

My husband bought this little jacket for me a few years ago as a birthday present. I was very impressed with his choice, which was the product of deductive reasoning and limited sampling rather than an aesthetic vision. He’s not terribly interested in clothes, but he knows that I get some of my casual clothes at Anthropologie and he has observed my preference for little jackets with jeans. So he betook himself to Anthropologie, scoped out the jackets, picked one with interesting buttons, consulted the sales clerk, et voilà!

Well-played, Michael!
Well-played, Michael!
The genius in this jacket is that it appears to be a blazer and a waistcoat, but it’s actually one piece.
Buttons, faux layers
Two types of horn buttons, faux waistcoat

The label on this jacket is Cartonnier, a company that I sense (but do not know) has an exclusive relationship with Anthropologie. Anthropologie carries jackets by Cartonnier every season and they are often made of a substantial cotton knit (lighter and softer than ponte, more like a sweatshirt) which I think is perfect for casual office wear and the weekends.
The genius in this little jacket
Clever jacket

is in the faux layering; it looks like a jacket over a waistcoat, but it's one piece
In addition to faux layering,
and unbeknownst to all casual observers, the jacket features a geranium pink lining
and unbeknownst to casual observers, the jacket features a mood-brightening geranium pink lining

The jacket’s pink lining prompted me to look for a little pink in my closet to finish the outfit and I found it; this ivory-colored blouse from JCrew seemed just the thing. The ivory doesn’t match the color of the “waistcoat” (which is more of a putty color), but it’s close enough to blend into it; given the high level of contrast between the two layers of the jacket, it was important to have little or no contrast between the jacket and my top. A little pink is found in the seams of this blouse, which were sewn and serged with neon pink thread, which creates a neat effect (hazy, neon skeleton) through the semi-sheer fabric.

And then, since it is Casual Friday, why not a printed canvas courier bag for my wallet and precious work?

Blouse with neon pink seams
Blouse with neon pink seams
Rose checkers bag from Hable Construction
Rose Checker Camper bag from Hable Construction

[Hint: If you are ever puzzling over what accent color might go with a dress or jacket (for a scarf, bag or blouse), the answer might be right in front of you — in the lining. You may also find inspiration looking for accent or coordinating colors in rugs and fabric. There, a clever professional has already done the work of developing a color scheme.]
Jacket: Cartonnier from Anthropologie; Blouse: JCrew; Jeans: Lucky Brand; Shoes: French Sole New York; Bag: Hable Construction Rose Checker Camper bag

4 thoughts on “Casual Friday: Layered Jacket”

  1. Hello Victoria, first time visiting your blog. First, you have a very considerate and observant husband. The jacket seems to be the perfect match to your love for interesting details. A very clever design and a well constructed jacket!

  2. Directrice – I think the knit jacket/blazer is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I work in a relatively casual bank office environment and often feel like a suit jacket is a bit too stiff and structured but a knit jacket hits just the right note. I found a great one a year or two ago at Banana Republic (white with black stripes) but haven’t found many others that I like. If you have any tips for sources, let us know. Thank you and have a great weekend!

  3. i´m impressed by your husband´s shopping skills!!
    that little jacket is fab – the soft material extra bonus! i´m not in need for office wear but i love me a bit structure in my clothes. the neon pink seams are gogeous!!!
    did i say that i found you via sylvia´s blog?

    • I thought the readers who sew (sewers? that can’t be right!) would appreciate the tip about the neon thread. Serging or otherwise binding the seams is key, because then there is enough thread to register visually.


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