A Heavy Lift?

I bought a bunch of things during the post-holiday sales (late December/early January) and have been rolling them out. I bought them so fast, but as I am rolling them out slowly I cannot help wonder if I was overly hasty in my acquisitions. And I haven’t even shown you the weird stuff yet.

You know my weakness for effortless, and thus slightly subversive, French style? I bought this Isabel Marant dress because I thought it conveyed that message. But I fear that it conveys a different message: No Effort.
Well . . .
Am I wearing a sack? Correction: Sac?

Let me tell you what I am supposed to look like. I am supposed to look like I am wearing a chic dress with a blouson top and oversized half-sleeves because I am too cool to wear a form-fitting sheath.
Action shot!
Action shot!
In repose
And now in repose

The fabric is an elegant navy glen plaid in a tropical weight wool.
Perhaps I need to take the skirt in a little?
For now, I think I have salvaged the situation with a great belt. Come closer and see my great belt.
Come closer
Come, be in the presence of greatness

One side
One side
I first saw a belt like this on Style du Monde. As you can probably imagine, it spoke to me: yellow; adjustable; wacko.

How not love?
What outfit wouldn’t be, instantly, twice as fun if adorned with this belt? Think grey and blue dresses, navy and black jackets. My black/white/grey tweedy jacket!
And the other
And the other

Very close
Feast your eyes

The Photographer asked, so delicately, so gingerly, Do you really want to wear something that says ‘Weight Securing System 5,400 lbs?
HoW cOuLD I NoT?
The Directrice reacts badly
The Directrice cannot believe that she even has to answer the question

Yes, I do
Yes, Photographer, I do!
I want nothing more from life
I’ve been waiting my whole life for this belt. My law partners don’t know it yet, but they’ve been waiting, too.

Dress: Etoile Isabel Marant Neou Jewel-Neck Wool Sheath Dress (dress has been re-issued for spring, will probably be on sale by April; mine was AW2017); Belt: Off-White C/O Virgil Abloh* Mini Industrial Belt; Shoes: Tory Burch; Bag: Coach; Watch: Michele
What's soft and orange and incredibly heavy?
What’s soft and orange and weighs approximately 5,400 lbs?

* Everything about the Off-White website is riveting, starting with the fact that each page says “WEBSITE” — in quotes — at the top of the page. Is it genuine? Ironically hip? Check out the How To videos; my favorite is “PLASTIC BAG” — which is the third from the top, left side. I think it’s best if you don’t ask too many questions or try to understand. Just let it wash over you.

3 thoughts on “A Heavy Lift?”

  1. Oh no. The website was down yesterday due to a glitch and then required significant maintenance. Unfortunately the comments posted in response to this entry were LOST. A true loss because they were so entertaining. MC Bontemps referred to the Off-White website, belt, prices as delightful provocations — which made me chuckle.

    I apologize, Commenters! Please feel free to re-post your comments and know that I read them, enjoy them, and do my best to preserve them.

  2. I love the belt! The dress I think looks like a lovely garment, though with the rather – dare I say it? – conservative shoe & bag choices, I fear it does look a little as though it is simply too big for you. The belt is not enough. You need more unexpected shoes, and some of your more avant-garde jewellery, in my opinion. Then the dress will look more effortless, I think, and less as if it isn’t quite something else. Please bear in mind that all of this is said with utmost respect, & and only because you seem to have asked.

  3. I agree with Jessica. HOWEVER, I think you have remained true to yourself with this outfit. The belt can be enough. Dare I say it is enough for you? You don’t need anything else. Both pieces show themselves spectacular when combined. brovo


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