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In my quest to look a little bit interesting, I sometimes find something cutting edge which I then need to dowd-up (dowd-down) to a level of workplace suitability. Behold the Alexander Wang Pinstripe Peplum Top, styled for litigation:

To litigate in

You may have realized in reading other posts that I esteem the craft of sewing and swoon over fine craftsmanship? And yet I am fascinated by this tank which is barely assembled. Viewed in a harsh light (figuratively speaking) it looks like the work of a guy who got a deal on 10,000 yards of overstocked commercial upholstery fabric and a laser cutter. Three pieces, three seams; no finished edges, hems, lining, or interfacing. But what makes it wonderful are simplicity, dashing lines and sharp angles. The fabric is substantial enough to hold a shape and pliable enough to fit closely but comfortably. It’s a staggering work of heartbreaking genius.

Flap and fins
Breastplate and fins
Contoured peplum
Contoured peplum

This elegant tank features tiny straps that are a little too bare for office-wear. But with a blouse underneath, it’s perfect. Plenty covered. The blouse I am wearing here is fortuny-pleated silk — the perfect weight for layering. I wear it under blouses and sweaters and over silk tanks, camisoles and shells. Two blouses are often better than one and this is particularly true with cropped blouses, strapless tops and bare tanks — so to the extent that you aren’t wearing a spaghetti strapped top or think you can’t buy a cropped top, you may want to try layering these items with dressy t-shirts or blouses that you already own.

Too Kiss Me Kate?
The sleeves, which seem to inflate on their own, invoke Kiss Me Kate . . . but not in a bad way
Et voila!
Et voila! And when summer comes, and everyone’s standards melt, perhaps I will wear the top as a tank with white pants

Top: Alexander Wang Pinstripe Peplum Top; Blouse: JCrew: Pants: JCrew Campbell Capri pants in wool (Note: I am wearing the regular size, not petite, because I didn’t want the pants to be too short); Shoes: Geox; Bag: Coach Gramercy Satchel

The Pinstripe Peplum Top may be hard to find now, but I found a half dozen tops on Shopbop, including this Cameo Don’t Wait Top, that are the next-best-things. Search for Tops: Blouses: Black.

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  1. Another great posting. As a litigator, I especially LOVED the Alexander Wang — it would really mess with an opponent!!!!!! You may be brilliant…


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