Terra Cotta

I waited all summer for this dress to go on sale.

It was worth the wait. Indeed, its delayed release from the clutches of Matches Fashion may actually have been a blessing. Coming in late August/early September, terra cotta is the perfect color to lean into fall with. It’s just one step away from pumpkin.
Is the straw bag too much?

No! Never
When I first saw this dress, I thought it would be the perfect complement to this necklace, but upon further reflection decided that Washington D.C. is not ready for DinosaurEggTiffanySauron. The mind, through the eye, has to be prepared to embark on a new way of receiving information and I have not yet laid the foundation for this particular brand of transcendence. DinosaurEggTiffanySauron is to jewelry what the iPhone was to the stone tablet.
Fortunately, I remembered another necklace with a vaguely organic feel that would work well with terra cotta and straw.

I purchased this necklace some years ago with a plan to tinker.
Who among us does not have a box or drawer of items purchased with tinkering in mind?
Bag can disappear behind skirt as needed

So, what is all this then?
A combination of wood (I think) and resin treated to look like wood and horn.
This necklace was intended to be worn as a single strand, but I thought it would look better as a double strand, so I doubled it up, looped it round my neck once, and used a velvet ribbon (taken from another project drawer) to link the two ends of the doubled strand . . . . if that makes sense.
I should have made a movie

Just zoom yourself in
Regrettably, I did not film myself looping and tying. You’ll just have to come in close and see if you can imagine what happened.

Do you see?
Get right in the necklace’s face if need be

I did think to take a photo of the necklace as a single strand.
Here is the best part: This necklace is from Anthropologie, but it looks like a precious gallery piece.
Single strand not as good, right?

Dress: Love Binetti from Matches Fashion; Necklace: Anthropologie; Shoes: JSlides; Bag: From Salt & Sundry on 14ht Street

9 thoughts on “Terra Cotta”

  1. I bought a dress in a similar color while on an Outlet Mall shopping trip, and when I got home I discovered that I have another dress in that color in my closet. My challenge is not to wear them with black. The cream and brown you’ve got is a good pairing.

    That’s a great rework of the necklace. It’s huge and the double-up is much better. A lot of these things are designed to be statement pieces for much bigger or taller women.

  2. A few years ago I made marshmallows at home (using a Smitten Kitchen recipe) and these vaguely organic cubes remind me of them, powerfully! The necklace makes me think of soft and pillow-y things, and with the fall color of the dress, it seems very cozy. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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