The Wool Patchwork Dress Returns

Because most dresses can only be worn one way, they are rarely repeated on this blog . . . unlike certain hardworking jackets, tops, and one pair of wide-legged pants that some believe have received an amount of air-time grossly out of proportion to their beauty and function.

Today, however, we are revisiting a distinctive dress because I am wearing it differently than when previously shown.
When last seen, I wore this knit dress to an office holiday lunch with black boots.
During our mild fall, with temperatures close to 70 degrees many days, I am wearing it with bare legs and loafer-mules.
So imaginative! so daring!

I am also wearing it with a belt — the kick-@$$ belt — rather than relying on its self belt, which always looked a little like a nylon tongue to me.

Fatima told me to leave the taffeta tongue-belt alone, but I didn’t think it was quite right . . . so I cut it off one morning

I disobeyed Fatima, but used proper sewing shears

Obviously, it would have been better to have Fatima remove the belt and d-ring properly — by opening the seams — but I’ve just worn my own belt over what remains.
I am very pleased with the situation.
Note in the pictures directly above and to the right that the skirt of this dress falls very nicely. The seaming of this asymmetrical skirt gives it a bit of a trumpet shape that is very flattering. I had not realized how flattering until I saw these photos.
Flattered, pleased

The d-ring is visible beneath the belt; it looks like a part of belt . . . or possibly a set of handcuffs
One could say that these remnants make the look more interesting

For those thinking about closet management and clothing maintenance, a tip!
I store this dress (and other knit dresses) folded, on a shelf, with my sweaters rather than hanging with dresses. That way, it doesn’t get stretched out.
This springy, soft boiled wool is a terrific dress material

Up close: You the Jury!
Can I be lazy and leave things be?
I think I can

Dress: 3.1 Phillip Lim; Belt: Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti; Shoes: JCrew; Bag: Coach; Bracelets: David Yurman

6 thoughts on “The Wool Patchwork Dress Returns”

  1. It’s good you got that dress out. I love White wool things. It shouldn’t be saved just for a holiday party.
    I would leave the D rings as they are, but I might consider playing around with the rings and the belt, maybe running the belt through the rings somehow? I certainly wouldn’t have them removed b/c they’re an interesting detail of the dress.

  2. lovely details in this dress. I would leave the D-ring on the dress. Could Fatima fashion a small black strap with a snap to attach the open side of the D-ring to the dress? Then you could wear the dress without a belt and the D-ring would stay in place.


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