Maximal Use

It may seem like I have a lot of clothes and that I buy a lot of clothes.

Those perceptions (surely they aren’t criticisms?) are rooted in reality. But I also wear my clothes forever and often try to wear them in new combinations.

Do you remember this outfit from January 2016? These clothes were old then.

This simple outfit is still one of my favorites.

For those taking note: This is School Uniform Chic.

Do you remember this old blazer from November 2016?

Belting this blazer was a great idea, yet I look so sad in this photo.

I married these posts and came up with this:

What say you?

I am wearing some of my most trusted old things

I say, Well done, Self!

Well done, she cried.

But wait, There’s more!

To enliven this professorial ensemble, a dash of red. Red patent leather that calls to mind the Rolling Stones logo.

Start Me Up; CGI belt demands more air-time

Come closer; there will be no licking

I think you need to come a little closer to appreciate the wonder of this belt.

Almost not of this earth, so intense is this belt.

It’s pulling you in, isn’t it?

Matching red patent leather trench coat awaits me in heaven

At this point, I know what you’re thinking.

What’s the maximum load of this concept?

Max is 5,400 lbs

I am in love with this belt; I think The Photographer has been won over

If there is a limit, I haven’t found it yet.

For those who wonder, I wore this belt to a professional conference several weeks ago and it was admired.

Clarification: Women loved it; men were confused, but easily soothed.

I think this may have been the pinnacle of my career

Thank you so much for your excellent responses to the challenge thrown down in the last post. A winner shall be named this week. For those who haven’t posted a comment, you still have a chance — but the bar has been set pretty high.

5 thoughts on “Maximal Use”

  1. Each different outfit had its own kind of chic and they all were excellent. My favorite is the red belted outfit which is pure genius!

  2. I feel like this line “Women loved it; men were confused, but easily soothed.” could be applied in SO many situations.

    Love the belts! I need to embrace the belt. I don’t really wear them, but you inspire me to want to wear them.

  3. I love the grey blazer/black belt combo – so classic and quietly chic.

    However, the red belt ensemble is exceptional… And your left collar point agrees and has snuck out to join the party. Very smart collar point.


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