All. About. The Bracelet.

I walked down to Georgetown last weekend to look at furniture, as part of my apartment re-fresh project.

If I had spent the day at home, I probably would have worn exercise clothes. But one wants to look a little smart when shopping, right?
You’ve seen this outfit before, although I wore it with a two-color belt.
3/4 view
The Directrice as art teacher, previously seen here

For an afternoon of walking, I wore sneakers — FUN SNEAKERS — instead of flats. I could have done the walking in flats, but it was better for both feet and footwear to not.
In the course of my furniture safari, I happened upon a wonderful jewelry gallery: Jewelers’Werk.
full length
This is why you need a pair of fun sneakers

I think they can see the awesomeness
I think they can see the awesomeness
As so often can happen on this type of mission, I didn’t buy any furniture. I bought a bracelet instead. It’s on my left arm.
Can you see that it is awesome in this photo?

Such a treat to find this gallery right here in Washington D.C.
It’s the size of a postage stamp — a perfect, intimate space in which perhaps 50-60 pieces are elegantly displayed on rough white walls and ledges around the perimeter. And then many exquisite things, hundreds, are stored in flat shelving built into an island at the center of the gallery. I was allowed — nay, invited — to paw through all of them!
I don't know about that
I want them to see the awesome

Do you need a larger photo to see the awesome?
Check it out! 3-D printed, then dyed.
Is it a cage? A matrix? A portal?
View one
Note ombre shading, shape of Gemini capsule

View 2
Dramatic when worn over my sleeve*
I’ll give you a few perspectives.
This particular outfit — with an asymmetrical dress and two-headed belt doesn’t really need a third statement piece, but the bracelet fits in rather well don’t you think?

The gallery had a number of bangles in different shapes and colors and it was very hard to choose. Very hard. Indeed, I am still re-playing my choice. I decided — rightly or not — that this particular blue would be very effective with black or grey in the winter.
View 3
It’s not navy; shall we agree it is cadet blue?

eyeball view
A Directrice-eye view
The onset of cooler weather does raise one complication. I don’t know that this bracelet will fit easily inside the sleeves of my coats and jackets. In that case, I can tuck it in my bag and put it on when I arrive at work. This is a minor inconvenience for the larger enjoyment of looking at it throughout the day.

Bracelet by Maria Eife at Jewelers’Werk
Dress: Maison Margiela; Belt: MM 11 (Maison Margiela); Blouse and jeans: JCrew; Sneakers: Nike Cortez custom designed by The Directrice Herself; Tote: Les Toiles du Soleil
Something Very Beautiful: Brooch by Sayumi Yokouchi
Something Very Beautiful from Jewelers’Werks: Brooch by Sayumi Yokouchi

* A micro-caution: The finish of the bracelet is a little rough, so I would be careful about wearing it over certain fabrics (silk) or fine knits or against jacket/coat linings.

8 thoughts on “All. About. The Bracelet.”

  1. I hope readers will click on the pictures to see the high-resolution versions. They look a lot better in full size. I love shooting in this spot because the orange light produces such beautiful background colors.

  2. What a fantastic bracelet! I love the shape, the color, the precise cells… I definitely agree that the outfit can support a statement like that.

  3. Just a logistical musing – can you type at your computer while wearing it? Maybe it’s sturdy enough to even take the job of “arm rest.”

  4. Now you need a long simple necklace that can hold the bracelet like a medallion for those bundled up moments. It’ll still be on display and won’t clog up your purse/backpack/briefcase, switch it to the arm when you arrive.

  5. Fabulous bracelet that led me to the store. What a wonderland! I even wrote a jeweler friend in the UK who makes edgy, fascinating pieces to contact the store as a possible venue for her.

    BTW, those are MY kinda sneakers. Have to try out the custom option one of these days. Great post!


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