The Return of the Big Tent

Everyone says that they wish bloggers would re-wear items and not simply show an endless parade of new things — either bland or outrageous — that are probably provided by sponsors seeking advertorial exposure.
Let’s test that, shall we?

Do we really want blog verite? Showing life how it really is?
Do we really want to see some middle-aged lawyer wearing her old clothes while her husband snaps pictures of her?
Oh yes, we do!

My ideal blogger would show all of her best ideas for one garment in one post.
As a practical matter, I can’t do that. I’d run out of content in no time.
I must ration content. Example: Have you noticed the cuff of my shirt? Look to the right.
That was not a joke. That was content.
The Photographer has labeled these photos “The Flying Nun”

I must confess that I am feeling a little uninspired by my wardrobe these days. I am thinking more about interior design projects. So perhaps you will see a little more of my apartment in the next few weeks.
One of my colleagues has signed up for a Rent-the-Runway subscription program, so I am planning a post on her experience. She was wearing a fantastic Carven blouse today . . .

And now, I will tell you what I’ve been reading lately: a series of mysteries by Elly Griffiths. The heroine, Ruth Galloway, is a 40 year-old archaeologist. So far, I find the books charming. If you are a fan of Charles Finch, Louise Penny, or Deanna Raybourn, and you like to gobble mysteries like chocolates, you may be charmed too.

And now, as a special treat, I offer a photo that I should be destroying rather than posting on the Internet. But it’s so funny that I must share.
For every photo that is posted on this site, there are ten that you never see. Such is the ease of digital photography. While The Photographer is adjusting and experimenting with his camera settings, I tend to look around and fidget and I generally don’t notice that he is snapping away while I am doing so. He caught this sequence last weekend:

In that last photo, I am simply coughing. But the expression on my face! It looks like I’ve just seen something nasty in the woodshed.
Have a fantastic weekend!
Shirt: Palmer/Harding; Pants: JCrew; Shoes: JCrew; Bag: Coach

15 thoughts on “The Return of the Big Tent”

  1. Most enjoyable post, Directrice! Thanks for the book recommendations. I would also enjoy interior decoration posts. And posts about anything at all, really. I guess I’m easy. I enjoy your style.

    As a matter of interest (to only myself), I pass along the question of how you can stand such a big cuff at your wrist? I feel that I have been in a tussle with my shirt’s sleeves my whole life (and I am a middle-aged woman), trying to get them OFF of my wrists and keeping them from falling down and generally trying to manage their length and my lack of length. I also hate anything that drags under a faucet. Thus, the trend for bell sleeves is a horror to me.

    Thank you.

    • Hello Hope — These cuffs are so stiff that they stay in place — even if I push them back before washing my hands. I think they must be reinforced with an interfacing made of titanium. But I hear your concern! That sweater with the split sleeves that I showed a few months back? The one that enables me to emulate a swan? Those sleeves are so inconvenient when anything needs to be done. I may have to sew them up into conventional sleeves . . . I love the sweater but the inconvenience is a deterrent to frequent use!

  2. Loved the post and adding home interior is inspiring for anyone. I so remember that shirt. It looks great with the accessories you chose this time. It must be kind of fun to review the day’s photos and laugh together at those unwittingly clicked!

  3. No plans to publish a tell-all on the Directrice. But as Photographer and Husband, at the end of each year I make up a Shutterfly book with the best photos of the year in full resolution, and they look way better than what’s on the website. I also caption the photos with commentary. The book’s expensive to print, something like $80 a copy, but I wonder if any Directrice fans would be interested in getting a copy at cost plus shipping.

  4. It’s nice to see things multiple times. Most of us don’t wear things exactly the same way each time. It also confirms that something unusual, like the ‘big tent’ isn’t sitting in the back of your closet after it’s initial shoot.

  5. Oh!The Ruth Galloway series is too much fun! I love those books. I hope there is another one in the pipeline. (I have loved your style for years, too, but it’s the mention of books that got me commenting.)

    • Kate, if there is no Ruth-Galloway-Book-10 in the works, I will lay down and never get up again. That’s an exaggeration. But Elly Griffiths has left a lot of loose ends hanging. Amazon says the next one will be published May 2018.


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