Casual Friday: Built from the Bottom Up

Perhaps you don’t see me this way, but I see myself as very practical.
I may have acquisitive and expansive tendencies, but I rarely am tempted by novelty items.

I said rarely, not never.
Never is a long time
Never is a long time

Behold the temptation:
Who among us can resist green shoes with pink tigers on them?
I ask you: Who among us can resist green shoes with pink tigers on them?

Are you convinced?
Reduce, reuse, recycle! Pandering Directrice seeks absolution
In an effort to compensate for the novelty of the new shoes, and restore my moral authority, I have pulled together an ensemble of old and frequently worn things! I am clearly seeking absolution from you.
These fun shoes stand out against the neutral separates I am wearing.
These shoes will also look good with black cropped pants and a black turtleneck sweater.

Old sunglasses
Old sunglasses
Jacket is not old, exactly, but has been worn a lot
Jacket is not old, but has been worn a lot . . . and will be old someday
Old bag, really old belt
Not new bag, really old belt

Samson the Bearded Collie
Samson, a non-judgmental Bearded Collie
Now, I am pulling out all the stops and showing you a dog. He’s not even my dog.
This dog, Samson, belongs to a neighbor we met while taking these photos. Samson is the sweetest — exactly the sort of large, gentle, placid dog that I would have if I could have a dog. He may, however, be an anomalous Bearded Collie; I looked-up the breed and read that they are moderately energetic herders. I did not realize that herders came at several speeds.
Have a fantastic weekend!

Everything is old and from JCrew, except . . . Shoes: Drake’s for JCrew Gemma Flat Sunglasses: Illesteva; Bag: Coach Nomad
Why would you want  dog?
I understand the shoes, but not the dog

9 thoughts on “Casual Friday: Built from the Bottom Up”

  1. I bashfully admit my attraction to the same novelty pattern. I purchased the silk square. It looks great with all my old stuff too…..

    • Good idea, Laura! I had not seen the scarf previously, but just checked it out — the scarf has the bonus of allowing you to see the whole pink tiger. I think he’s a gentle soul who’s been startled (“Argh!”), not a predator.

  2. First off, those shoes are fabulous. And with all the colors in there, I think will actually prove very versatile — not to mention the perfect spice to shake up neutrals. And flat, so not impractical at all. But I LOVE that you shamelessly cheated by adding in a big adorable fluff ball of a dog, which had nothing at all to do with the outfit, but made us all smile, so that you win by default. Well played!

  3. Bravo, Directrice. And I see you have taken my (and others’) advice about wearing more fitted jeans. They look fantastic!

  4. Can I just say, I think you are fantastic, and enjoy visiting your blog more than any other fashion website. Your style is unique, creative yet….. somehow classic and accessible. Your attention to detail is much appreciated, and has reminded me that I should think more carefully about certain aspects of my clothing choices.

    And it is shocking to me that you are a lawyer (!). Love it!

    • Can you spoil me with generous praise?? Any time, Lyn! This blog is open 24/7 for readers like you . . . And now, a secret: The fact that I am a lawyer is sometimes shocking to me, too.


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