Chameleon Jacket


I love the color chartreuse. I like pretty much all greens (except for sage green) and am very fond of the acidic greens, which I think of as the weirdy greens.
This Robert Rodriguez jacket popped up on Gilt a couple of years ago and I snapped it up. In many respects, it’s classic – double-breasted, linen (blended with cotton for resilience), self-fabric belt for tying in a square knot and bow. But the color and the buttons (which are a patinaed greeny gold) really give it distinction.
something else
Nature’s first green is gold

good for sitting, too
Approximation of work posture: Sitting on edge of chair
Let's take a look at the accesories: watch, bracelets, bag
Let’s take a look at the accesories: watch, bracelets, bag

Can such a distinctively colored jacket adapt? Of course it can.

staring out window
Such an adaptable jacket
With black linen trousers and a striped t-shirt, this jacket is still appropriate for business, but a little more relaxed.

holding bag
I ironed these pants 10 minutes ago and yet they are wrinkled
And I know I have one more idea in here somewhere
And I know I have one more idea in here . . . somewhere

 Et voila!

one more outfit
A casual, but smart look


With a black blouse and cropped cotton pants, it’s another look. This one is definitely casual, but polished. Please do note the purple shoelaces. They are the best part.

purple shoelaces
The shoelaces delight me

I could use a jacket like that
Even I could use a jacket like that


Jacket: Robert Rodriguez; White blouse: Banana Republic; Grey wool pants: JCrew; Black linen pants: JCrew: Striped tee-shirt: JCrew; Black blouse: Anthropologie; Black cotton pants: JCrew; Black patent flats: Geoxx; Black cap-toed flats: French Sole New York; Black brogues: Cole Haan (2014); Grey and white bag: Coach Borough bag (2014); Black satchel: 3.1 Phillip Lim; Tote bag: Les Toiles du Soleil; Silver bracelets: David Yurman; Watch: Michele
Photos: Lauren Ackil

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  1. Weirdy greens! I love it!

    More power to you in trying to dress nicely yet fit into the dress code. The code and I were always having problems with each other. We are still not the best of friends.

    DC is a weird place for business casual attire. So cosmopolitan, yet so fashion conservative. Maybe you can help us understand what business casual means in this city.


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